In my initial #TMLFinancialdiet post I shared all my rules for the upcoming months. Rule number 13 was to track all my expenses in an excel budget. I had been doing this pretty diligently last year and had a great financial tracker which worked for me. I challenged myself to bring my financial tracker back from the dead, tidy it up and share it as a resource!

In our group of super savers many of us included tracking and recording expenses as a rule to follow. And I think understanding the reality of where we spend our money is the best way to work out how to save and where real changes can be made.

I have attached the excel file I created to help you on your saving journey.

Reasons I love this financial tracker:

  1. Vlookups which pull transactions into the correct categories
  2. Summary sheet to see the last six months as a snapshot
  3. Month on month comparison by category to see where I splurged or saved
  4. Traffic lights built in to highlight areas of improvement
  5. Comment boxes to allow justification of certain expenses or to set goals for the next month
  6. Great recons and checks across the sheets to make sure all your expenses are included in the right place and are adding up!

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I really hope my financial tracker can help you. This is definitely a live document and a work in progress! I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or issues you are having. We’re all learning together!

Lot’s of people have suggested money tracking apps like Wave and 22seven. I would highly recommend checking them out. I used to use the 22seven app and was very happy without. HOWEVER, I find with an app that auto-pulls my transactions from my bank statement… I stop opening the app and stop engaging with my spending. By manually adding my transactions and thinking about which category to allocate them to I find I am more conscious of my spending.  App, excel, tiny notebook – any option – any act of consciously recording your spending makes you a better saver! Just find the option that works best for you.

Not sure what I am talking about? #TMLFinancialdiet whaaat? Have a read of my original post over here.

2 thoughts on “The TML Financial Tracker”

  1. This is a whole new level of getting organized! For now I’m using a little notebook but I will definitely save this for the future 🙂

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