I’m feeling super festive this year! I think it is because I have been out of the country for the last two festive seasons. And now that I am home in beautiful Cape Town with plenty of free time I am getting over board excited to do ALL THE THINGS!! I thought I’d put together a Toomuchloveliness’ Summer Bucket List to inspire you to have a wonderful summer holiday! This time of year is about friends and family but can unintentionally get very expensive! When building my Summer Bucket List I have made sure to think of budget friendly ideas! I hope I can inspire a little festive excitement and please tag me in your pictures if you take me up on any of my recommendations!!

The Toomuchloveliness’ Summer Bucket List

  1. Falafel at Yofi’s

    This is one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town – I know… R65 falafel in a tiny restaurant with zero ambience. But I love it! We love to visit on Sunday, grab a falafel and have a wander on the beach. The falafels at Yofi’s are incredible with plenty of crispy falafel balls, all the sauces, fresh avo and a generous pita (added bonus – they’re on The Entertainer).

  2. Soft serve from Majestic Cafe

    This would be a first time visit for me this festive season. We drove past the other day (on the way home from Yofi’s… I know! We’re obsessed!) and there was a looong queue out the door. I asked Jono what was going on. Apparently Majestic Cafe has been a Muizenberg institution for years and makes the very best soft serve. I love soft serve- creamy, cold and delicious! I’m thinking a Yofi and Majestic Cafe pairing one afternoon soon!

  3. Pick roses at Chart farm

    We arrived at Chart farm in October read to pick roses! Unfortunately the gardens weren’t yet open for the season!! However, they’re fully up and running in December and I am so looking forward to a visit! You pay per rose picked and they’re pretty affordable. If you’re feeling super budget just go for a wander through the garden and take some gorgeous pictures.

  4. Lunch at Grub and Vine

    My dear friend Chef Matt Manning of Sunday lunch clubs has opened his very own spot on Bree Street. I am so excited especially after a sneak preview at their recent launch event. The menu sounds divine and I am heading through next week for a little spot of lunch! You can expect a review very soon!

  5. Get take away schwarma from Ari’s Slouvaki and eat it on the promenade

    This is a sentimental one for me. I grew up in Sea Point and my dad regularly took us for schwarma’s at Ari’s. So this festive season, being home with my family, I’d really like to visit again. I want to pack a bottle of wine, grab an incredible schwarma stuffed with tzatziki and sit on the rocks with my dad to watch the sunset.

  6. Catch a Silo summer series concert

    I joined the Silo summer series concerts for their incredible Cape Town Philharmonic concert. It was just so special. Jono and I looked at each other with an “I can’t believe we get to live here face”. The details are on their website with the next concert on Friday 4th of January. And yes- the concert is free! Can you believe it – just get there a little early to get a good spot!

  7. Visit a Christmas market

    This one might be a big ask for lovely Cape Town. I spend last December visiting incredible Christmas markets in Estonia, Finland, Russia and Latvia. I bought beautiful Christmas decorations and lovely crafted goods. If anyone can recommend a Christmas market I would be so grateful!

  8. Have my nails painted for summer

    I’m a sucker for a great shellac/gelish manicure and I really feel like holidays are here with beautifully painted toes and fingers! I have an appointment with Hello Gorgeous this weekend and they do such a fantastic job (added bonus – they’re on The Entertainer)

  9. Get ice cream at The Creamery

    I’m such a fan of The Creamery and the Newlands branch in particular is a favourite. I visited recently to try their strawberry birthday cake flavour and it was divine! December’s flavour is granadilla choc chip which is the perfect summer flavour! They have also just released a Christmas mince pie ice cream!! Can you get more festive?

  10. Make a gingerbread house

    This has become a little traditional amongst some of my friends. This year will be our fourth year together making gingerbread houses and I think that is really special. Our gingerbread houses (mine in particular) are always a little wobbly and a little ridiculous. But we drink wine and we laugh and we listen to 90s power ballads and it is SUCH fun!

  11. Spend a day somewhere comfy reading a great book

    The one thing I struggle to find time for in the work week is reading! I try hard to squeeze in 30 minutes a day but often my eyes are closing by page three. I am going to find a cozy spot and read, sip tea and snack on biscuits for a few hours without interruption. AND THEN I might even have a nap! This might be my favourite Summer Bucket List plan…

    The Toomuchloveliness' Summer Bucket List

  12. Go swimming at B’s secret swimming spot

    This I know nothing about – so don’t ask me! My wonderful friend B from TheSecretLifeofBee has a magic swimming spot! I don’t know where it is and at this point my invite isn’t even confirmed! But when I find out – I’ll hopefully share a little more!

  13. Have crispy calamari and chips from Lucky Fish in Kalk Bay

    We visited in August and I was blown away. Since then I have been craving this calamari and chips and summer holidays is the perfect excuse! The calamari was crispy crunchy but not oily. Please note this is specifically the Kalk Bay Lucky fish. Do not go visit another branch and complain to me!! This is the spot! Save me a seat 🙂 !

  14. Visit Boulder’s beach to see the penguins!

    I haven’t been to Boulder’s beach for ages but I think it is time for another visit. I love those little tuxedo guys and… to be honest… I’m after a great instagram photo!

  15. One last Entertainer deal for the year!

    If you follow along on my social media (twitter or instagram) you know I am a big fan of The Entertainer. We have saved over R2000 this year on lovely restaurants, wine tastings, hint hunt and pretty painted nails. I’m thinking Hudsons, Manga or Jonkershoek! All really fantastic options! Hudson’s for their great burgers, Manga for delicious sushi and we have enjoyed both breakfast and a divine steak at Jonkershuis!

  16. Hot dog from P&G with my bestie

    P&G hands down makes the best hot dogs. Don’t joke around- just order the original hot dog and you’ll be so happy! Giant salty chewy roll, mega hot dog, and bring yellow and red mustard and tomato sauce. It’s a classic friends! Grab a seat in the window and judge all the hipsters judging you!

  17. Doughnuts from My Sugar in Sea Point

    I love the exquisite chocolates from My Sugar and a hand selected box of their beautiful chocolates is such a wonderful gift. The bright green frog, thepink duck and the golden budha! I just love them! BUT I have never tried one of their decadent over the top foughnuts! I have stalked them on instagram for too long – now it is time for a doughnut! I’m thinking creme brulee….

  18. Zeitz MOCAA museum

    I have yet to visit the Zeitz MOCAA museum which is absolutely shameful! It is even more shameful as I work right next door to the damn museum! But I think if I pop it on my Summer Bucket List it is going to happen!

  19. Decorate a Christmas tree

    Part of my festive spirit is seriously “Christmassy” and I am just dying to decorate a Christmas tree! When I was in Russia last year I bought beautiful Christmas decorations and I am just dying to hang them up on a tree and feel super sentimental. I grew up with a giant plastic tree but this year I am after a real tree! Apparently they sell them at the Rondebosch Common and the proceeds go to a good cause! I am going to check them out and report back soon!

Wishing you all the most magical festive season. Thank you for your continued support and love this year. Please travel safely and be kind to yourself! I hope you have enjoyed my Summer Bucket List and I would love to know what is on your Summer Bucket list!
And don’t worry – there will be a few more blog posts popping up before the year is done!

Much love, Tahlia

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  1. This is just the most fabulous list EVER! I am over the moon excited to go swimming together! With a very heavy cooler box!!!! And please can I come with to Lucky fish & chips! Xxxxx

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