I last visited Charango a-whole-nother boyfriend ago. And we had a lovely meal but never felt like I needed to go back. So when an invite to Charango popped into my inbox I though… um, that Peruvian place? Sure… could be good. I quickly popped onto their website and found a completely new restaurant! Charango has new owners, a new and completely different menu and light and bright decor. As soon as I visited the website- I was excited! I am happy to say that even after our dinner – I am still excited! The food was fantastic, the service was friendly and I really love the new decor! I think Charango is going to be a fantastic spot for casual Friday drinks and dinners after work, Saturday date nights and everything else in between!

Toomuchloveliness: Charango Toomuchloveliness: Charango

Starting the dinner off

Toomuchloveliness: Charango

We started with two seafood dishes to share before the main meaty course arrived! We had the ceviche of salmon, orange, sesame whipped cream cheese, pickled fennel and toasted hazelnuts. This was a delicious dish but far removed from a ceviche. The salmon was smoked and definitely not cured in a traditional ceviche style. The dish is great but unfortunately incorrect explained on the menu. I loved the sesame whipped cream cheese and the fresh orange slices paired with the salmon. This was a fantastic fresh start to the meal!

We also ordered the prawns which were flame grilled served on top of chucky avo, red kidney beans, chilli and basil salsa with charred nectarines. This was another delicious dish but again with really confusing expectations. Our waitress warned us that the chucky avo was super spicy – which sounded great – it was 0% spicy. So either the recipe has been updated or all the chilli was forgotten. I loved these juicy prawns served with generous spoons of smashed avo and the charred nectarines really made it feel like a perfect summer dish!

The main event at Charango

Charango’s new menu focuses on fantastic cuts of meat sourced from Frankie Fenner and Richard Bosman. Both of these suppliers are top of their game and doing incredible things in the industry. It’s excited to know that with their names behind the menu your steaks will be sustainably sourced and as good as you can get.

The blackboard menu had eight cuts and with seven wet rubs, six butters and three sauces they’re not joking around!

Toomuchloveliness: Charango

I went with the wet aged T-bone with a chipotle butter served rare. Jono opted for the dry aged picanha with chimichurri wet rub,on the side, served medium rare. I’m not an easy person to cook a steak for because I like steaks rare to medium rare and if it is over cooked I will without a doubt send it back. I often want to demand an apology for the cow who died in vein for an over cooked steak… but that’s another story.

However, I am thrilled to say my steak was cooked perfectly! The T-bone was delicious, the meat was tender and the fat was rendered beautifully. This really was a brilliant steak and one of the better ones I have had this year. Jono’s picanha was delicious too and lovely to see this cut on the menu.

Toomuchloveliness: Charango

Don’t skip the sides!

We couldn’t resist a selection of sides because narrowing down the choices was a challenge! I was excited to see lots of potato options and a few healthy ones too. I think Charango would be a great healthy dinner spot- a delicious steak and one of their veggie sides would be perfect for those on the low carb or banting life. A side they could consider adding is caulimash which is super delicious and carb friendly!

We went with the creamy burnt butter mashed potatoes topped with Italian parsley, a baby veg bowl, and chargrilled corn. Mash potatoes are possibly my favourite way to eat potatoes but don’t hold me to this as I am both fickle and a huge fan of carbs. The creamy mash at Charango was fantastic especially after a generous sprinkle of salt.

The baby veg bowl included baby golden beets, baby carrots, mangetout, peas, baby corn and broccolini tossed in beurre noisette. We love veggies and this side was such a hit! Especially the baby golden beets which we fought negotiated over! The charred corn was delicious with chipotle butter but again needed more salt. I love charred corn and it is exciting to see it included on the menu!

A lovely ending

We really didn’t have space for dessert but I couldn’t resist! I love crema catalana and you don’t find it often on menus! And then… if you’re having a little crema catalana you just have to have ice cream. You just have to! And considering the ice cream is Dulce de leche ice cream with crushed candied almonds and pisco infused dulce de leche sauce.

I adored the crema catalana (richer more delicious creme brulee) and I will definitely be back for this dessert. The dulce de leche ice cream was delicious too and a generous portion! If you’re feeling full the ice cream is the perfect size to share :).

Toomuchloveliness: Charango


  • Location: 114 on Bree, Cape Town CBD
  • Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday : 12:00 to 02:00 am (Kitchen closes at 22:00)
  • Contact details: or their website

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our dinner as guests of Charanga. However, all images and opinions are my own.

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