I am slowly building a best sushi in Cape Town blog post at the request of a friend. It is happening slowly because I want to get it right. I want the beautiful blog posts ready to support the list of delicious gems. We also want to make sure we’ve tried all the great Cape Town sushi spots. When I heard about Tomo Japanese Restaurant I knew I needed to give it a try! The menu is prepared by a Japanese chef who previously worked at Willoughby & Co which meant it was probably going to be pretty good! I am delighted to say we had a fantastic lunch at Tomo Japanese Restaurant and that we would highly recommend them!

Tomo Japanese Restaurant is all about shared intimate dining in a truly beautiful setting. We were there for a casual lunch but this spot can easily transition into a wonderful date night. So many sushi restaurants *cough Obi cough* struggle with creating beautiful interiors but Tomo gets it 100% right. I love all the Japanese inspire touches from the tea cups to the chopstick rests and the art hanging on the walls

Beautiful snacks to start

We started with lovely complimentary snacks from the kitchen – boiled peanuts, pickled horseradish and dipping sauces. I always love trying new snacks and it set a lovely tone for the lunch. We also tried the pan fried prawn dumplings stuffed with garlic chives, rice noodles and mushrooms. These little dumplings were sensational and I will be back to Tomo for these alone. I was really blown away by the dumplings and will definitely be back to try more of their dimsum menu soon! They also have a tempura menu that sounds fantastic!

The sushi at Tomo Japanese Restaurant

As the chef was ex-Willoughby & Co we knew we needed to order the 4×4 rolls. I am excited to say they are just as delicious as the Willoughby & Co and even better than the 4×4 from The Big Mouth in Sandton!! The creamy tempura prawns were extra crunchy and the rainbow reloaded rolls were perfection. I could pack up RIGHT now and go grab a quick order! The biggest perk is that at R115 they’re cheaper than both Willoughby and The Big Mouth who are a little crazy with their prices.

We also tried the spicy tuna handrolls which were delicious and another must order. Handrolls are my favourite sushi order and I always think of these as the hamburgers of the sushi world ;). We also tried their tuna crunch rolls filled with tuna and avo and topped with sushi mayo, sweet chili and spring onions. These were fantastic and super crunchy!

Jono’s favourite sushi is always the salmon roses. We cannot have sushi without getting salmon roses. We were a little heart broken to find they were the only disappointment The roses just had way to much mayo and were pretty tiny. I’d recommend all the sushi we tried except for the roses.

We had a really lovely lunch at Tomo Japanese Restaurant and I would highly recommend a visit for sushi lovers! They have an extensive menu and I am hoping to be back soon to try more of it!

When we visited they didn’t have a liquor license but now you can get beer, wine and Japanese Sake. They have extended their no corkage offer until 8th October – so hurry up and visit with your own bottle of wine soon!


  • Location: 86 Loop Street, corner Loop and Shortmarket Streets
  • Opening times:
  • Contact details: 021 422 0635

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