I am a long standing fan of both Majeka House and Makaron their incredible restaurant. Majeka House is my number one recommendation for a splurge romantic weekend away. Friends have visited for anniversaries and babymoons and have always been wow’ed! I always suggest going early to fit in a splash in their hot tub and a nap before a gourmet dinner at Makaron. It is such a treat to check into a hotel and not have to leave!

We joined them for dinner last year and we were completely blown away by the flavours, the clever combinations and the brilliant plating. I was excited to visit them again this year to try out their new Spring menu! It was such a fantastic dinner and I am so excited to share all the courses with you!

Compliments from the Kitchen

We started with compliments from the kitchen. This plate included a farm egg, “hereboontjie – snoek tertjie”, and nasturtium leaves stuffed with avocado. This was served with 2 day whole wheat sour dough and housemade amasi butter. I love that Makaron includes proudly South African dishes, flavours and ingredients such as the snoek pâté tart, locally grown nasturtium leaves and amasi butter.

This was the perfect way to start our meal with interesting flavours and exciting presentation. The farm egg was all sorts of complicated but in essence was absolutely delicious! And the sour dough and amasi butter is always a serious treat! However, with four courses on the way we had to hold ourselves back!!

First course with Makaron

Our first course was the pea, buffalo labneh and avocado dish and the eggplant, shitake and smoked macadamia. These were delightful little dishes which we could easily have eaten as big main course dishes! Jono loved the pea and labneh dish with peas being a particular favourite veggie of his. I loved the lightness of his dish. The eggplant dish was more gooey and decadent and delicious! And equally fantastic!

Second Course

Our second starter was the fire roasted octopus with kohlrabi and apple, and the zucchini risotto with raw mushrooms and cured egg shavings. The zucchini risotto was delicious and I loved the bright yellow shavings from the cured egg yolk. If you’re a little skeptical about the egg yolk – don’t be! It isn’t raw egg just an egg cured slowly which results in it being super creamy and delicious! I love octopus and the fire roasting added extra flavour. However, if you haven’t tried this dish before you may be a little surprised when a curled up tentacle arrives at the table!!

Main Course

My main course was the potato gnocchi, parsley and onion. And Jono went with the beef brisket with aged gruyere and horseradish. I loved my potato gnocchi which was light and super delicious! I have such a weakness for a well cooked gnocchi! The brisket was lovely too but a much richer dish.

We did the wine pairing with our menu and I would highly recommend this! The sommelier at Makaron is exceptional and she (YAY!) really knows what she is doing. We really enjoyed all the pairings until we hit the main course. My red wine was simply didn’t work with the dish.

I always try to speak to someone before I “complain” on my blog. The sommelier re-tried the dish with the wine pairing and agreed the pairing didn’t work. The original dish had lots of zesty fresh lemon in the sauce and my dish did not. She quickly came back with another wine which paired perfectly! It was wonderful to see the pairing in action and to see a sommelier think on their feet!

And dessert!

For dessert Jono had the fermented strawberries with kelp and wood sorrel. And I went with the pear, parmesan and burnt onion. Dessert was unfortunately a bit of a miss for me. Lots of fine dining restaurants are bringing a playfulness to their desserts by bringing in interesting pairings and savoury flavours. Maybe I am just not very cool – but I just want a dessert to be simple and sweet and delicious. The pair combination with the sharp parmesan and burnt onion was unfortunately too savoury and a little too weird for me. The fermented strawberries was a better dish – but in essence was a bowl of fancy strawberries with some strange flavours.

We luckily didn’t end dinner on a low note as the desserts were pairing with a beautiful dessert wine and a glass of bubbles! Maybe these desserts will work for you- but for me they were a skip!


  • Location: 26-32 Houtkapper Street, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch
  • Opening times: Dinner only from Monday to Sunday from 6:30pm til 9pm
  • Contact details: 021 880 1549 or their website

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our dinner as guests of Makaron at Majeka House. However, all images and opinions are my own.

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