If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have noticed my Sunday cooking! I’ve been receiving such lovely feedback and interaction and would love to have you join me in my “instagram kitchen“. I love cooking healthy and delicious food but there is absolutely no time in the weeks. I try my best to make about 12 portions of food for the freezer every Sunday. This sorts out lunches and dinners until the following Sunday but sometimes I fall off the bandwagon!! The Flying Pan asked me if I’d like to try out their food delivery and catering service.¬†They asked on one of those weeks were I had dropped the ball! The freezer was empty, the week was busy with deadlines and the timing was just perfect!

We ordered dinners for Monday to Thursday night. They offer three different dishes each night- classic, low carb and vegetarian. The links will take you to their latest menus. There’s actually beef rendang, Korean fried rice and Moroccan aubergines skewers up next week which sound DELICIOUS!!

The only catch is that you need to place your orders by Thursday 2pm for the following week to allow their team to get organised for the upcoming week. But once you’ve ordered it is super smooth sailing! You might be seeing me there tomorrow… ūüėČ


Monday night with The Flying Pan: Chicken Tikka Masala

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan

We started the week strong with their chicken tikka masala. I had the classic meal option served with bombay potatoes, butter roti and fresh coriander. Jono opted for the low carb option with bombay sweet potatoes, tomato sambal and fresh coriander. I think this was my favourite dish of the week but it is pretty tough to choose!

What is fantastic is you can order dishes from any of the three menus for the week! Perfect for a family with different preferences and dietary requirements. I absolutely loved both these dishes but my favourite was the low carb – points to the healthy option!

Tuesday night: Meatball night

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan

We both had the low carb meatballs in spicy tomato sauce with mustard cabbage topped with fresh basil and Parmesan. This was a GIANT portion for dinner and we were happy to park off on the couch with a bowl of meatballs and no cooking needed from our side! We enjoyed the low carb option and did not miss the pasta with this dish!

I did add a little Sriracha for more of a kick. I think out of the four dishes we had from The Flying Pan, this was good but not a 10/10 like the other dishes.

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan

Wednesday night: Pulled Mexican Beef

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan

This was another top notch dinner. I went with the classic option of pulled Mexican beef with potato, butternut and spinach puree topped with fennel and red cabbage slaw. Jono went with the low carb option served with cauliflower and spinach puree. The Mexican beef was tender and packed with spicy flavour! This night the classic option was the winner with that potato, butternut and spinach puree really delivering on the comfort food!

Thursday night: à la King

We tried the low carb chicken¬†√† la king cooked in a creamy mushroom, pepper and mustard sauce. This was served with herbed cauli rice topped with fresh parsley. I had the veggie option which switched the chicken pieces for seasonal veggies like baby marrow. However, mine was served with rice and not cauli rice. We thought we needed to at least give the veggie option a go once in the week! I’m excited to say we absolutely loved my vegetarian dish and found it a more generous potion than the chicken¬†√† la king. Both dishes were great and a lovely end to a week of great dining on our couch with zero effort!

Logistics and details

For now The Flying Pan only delivers to the Southern Suburbs, City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard. However, if you’re living outside of these zones you can still have them deliver to your office in the above zones as delivery is during office hours! I had my orders delivered to my office and it was super convenient! Orders are delivered daily for maximum freshness.

And the money, honey?

Dishes are between R80 to R90 with the vegetarian dishes costing a little less. I’ve chatted to a few friends about this price point and trying to understand how it fits into our lifestyles. Obviously, if you’re an efficient cook with very little food wastage then this is going to be a more expensive service. However, if you consider electricity, water and wastage costs then maybe what you think a dish costs is actually a lot more!

I’m a regular home-cook on a smaller budget than most. However, I think The Flying Pan is a good fit for us on those crazy busy weeks. Other families may find this service works well every Tuesday when mom is at German lessons or dad is at pottery class. Or some families may say they never want to cook again and The Flying pan is a great alternative to Woollies ready meals or delivery services like Uber Eats and Mr Delivery. When comparing The Flying Pan with the alternatives mentioned above you’ll find it can even be cheaper! And most definitely healthier! I have always aimed to be super honest but how this fits into people’s lifestyles and the value your family may derive from this is a personal thing.

I had a look at Ucook with is a food delivery service with lovely recipes and ingredients for cooking at home. They cost R330 for 3 dishes for one person. So at R110 per person per meal they’re a little more expensive than The Flying Pan and still require a little extra work.

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan


I received lots of questions from you guys. I thought I would share the feedback from The Flying Pan here for everyone to read!

  1. Looks like a lot of plastic- we’re not keen on plastic. What’s the story here?
    The Flying Pan cannot accept returns of the plastic containers due to hygiene standards. They cannot transport used containers with fresh food. However, these containers are fully recyclable and can easily be incorporated into the household (we are currently using them for storage in the garage).
    The Flying Pan is passionate about recycling and is careful to recycle tin, glass, plastic and paper in the kitchen. And all organic waste goes to a private worm farmer.
  2. Where are the heating instructions?
    They made a conscious decision to reduce the label size and cost so more value goes into the food than the packaging. However, depending on the meals and microwave it normally takes 2-3 minutes to heat dinners.
  3. Hang on, but are there no labels?
    Catering establishments for immediate consumption, like The Flying Pan, are not legally required to list the ingredients and nutritional table of a meal. This is the same as orders from Uber Eats or eating at a restaurant.

Toomuchloveliness: The Flying Pan

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our dinners as guests of The Flying Pan however all images and views are my own.

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