Foraging for my own mushrooms has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I love the idea of walking through the forest looking for mushrooms. And I especially love the idea of cooking delicious things with these wild mushrooms. But I have always been deathly scared of poisoning myself. Knowing my luck I would 97% pick a mushroom that was deadly. I knew that if I wanted to pick mushrooms I would need professional help and constant reassurance. Jono once suggested we just have a google and a walk through Tokai forest. I was not amused. Luckily this is where mushroom foraging at Delheim comes into the picture!

Delheim invited us to join them on their mushroom forage pop up experience and I knew this was my chance!

Mushroom Foraging at Delheim

Our morning started with a briefing from an expert on all things fungi. I loved the display set up to show us all the different types of mushrooms! I can’t remember half of what he said but luckily he accompanied us on our walk to make sure we didn’t accidently poison ourselves!

It was really interesting to learn that there are actually very few deadly mushrooms in South Africa and only one in the Western Cape. This means you mostly won’t die from mushroom foraging. But then are plenty of mushrooms that can make you pretty sick or they taste awful! If you’re interested in mushroom foraging I would highly recommend going with an a more experienced forager on your first attempt!

Mushroom Foraging at Delheim

Mushroom Foraging at Delheim

We started off our mushroom foraging with Delheim with a glass of gluwein in hand and high spirits! The Delheim forests are incredibly beautiful and it was an absolute privileged to wander through them. We were mostly on the hunt for pine ring and poplar boletus mushrooms. The boletus are easy to spot because of their spongy under belly. The pine rings were my favourite to find as they were easy to test! When you think you’ve found a pine ring you cut through its stalk, press the stalk against your hand and there should be an orange ring stain on your hand!

After a beautiful walk through the forest and a basket full of mushrooms we headed back to the restaurant. The best part was that all the mushrooms we foraged we could take home! We successfully turned the mushrooms into a really delicious mushroom sauce!

Our Mushroom Lunch

After our successful walk through the pine trees we headed through to Delheim’s restaurant for a simple lunch. We started with a delicious butternut soup to warm up, a lovely mushroom pasta and finished off with ice cream. The value in the lunch actually came from the delicious Delheim wines being served! I really loved the Delheim Gewürztraminer! We also learnt the best way to cook our foraged mushrooms which really helped inspire our mushroom sauce.

After a busy day at Delheim we were ready to head home with our basket full of mushrooms! Jono drove home and I napped most of the way! We had such a wonderful time at Delheim and I would definitely recommend looking out for their mushroom foraging experience next year! If you’re wanting to visit their beautiful farm a little sooner you should join them for their cupcake and wine pairing at the tasting room.

Mushroom Foraging at Delheim Mushroom Foraging at Delheim


  • Location: Delheim Wine Estate, Knorhoek Road, Stellenbosch
  • Webiste:
  • Special note: If you’d like to be first in line for these exclusive events like Mushroom Foraging at Delheim makes sure to join their wine club!

Disclaimer: We enjoyed the mushroom foraging experience as guests of Delheim. However, all images and opinions are my own.

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