When was the last time you built a paper jet plane? When was the last time you coloured in or put together a puzzle? For me it’s been a pretty long time.
When was the last time you cringed when filling up your petrol? Or the last time you rationalised groceries out of your shopping basket? I did that this weekend.

There’s a level of stress that comes with being mostly adult. And unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to change the petrol price. But within on all this grown-up’ness we can all foster childish moments of true delight.

My favourite childhood memories were always the pool parties for my birthday. I’m a December baby so every year we invited the whole grade over for my birthday with birthday cake, chicken nuggets, a slippery slide and my dad slicing up watermelon.

I can remember those parties in such a blur of noises, splashes, the smell of sunblock, the sticky fingers from watermelon and cake. My favourite birthday was when everyone brought their best teddy bear and my dad sung the story from the Teddy Bears Picnic. For the record my dad does not have a talent for singing! But it was my favourite book and we all got to bring teddies to a party!

My mom pulled out all the stops for birthday parties. One year she made paper cones filled with skinny fries, chicken nuggets and a big dollop of mayo. It was very cool – and very Belgium – both which went completely over my head. All I knew was that we were pretty much eating McDonald’s at home!

I asked my dad to pull some photos out from my childhood for this post. It seems like I spent most of my childhhood running around naked! Maybe that’s what we need more of? More pool parties, more watermelon and maybe even more running around naked?

Win a trip for two to Zanzibar with Travelstart’s paper jet challenge

Travelstart is challenging us to join the paper jet challenge and take a video of your paper jet in flight. They’re challenging us all to find childish moments in our very adult lives in honour of Youth Month! The winner of their paper jet challenge could see themselves on a trip for two to Zanzibar! Now that’s a location that could throw a pool party!

Lately I’ve been looking up cheap flights to Zanzibar and I’m dying to visit! Zanzibar looks like the five start version of my pool parties. And maybe being an adult isn’t too bad- your holiday in Zanzibar comes paired with cocktails not juice boxes 😉

I recently found a gorgeous travel blog, Big World Small Pockets, which has such an inspiring post about Zanzibar! There’s also this great post by Never Ending Footsteps on how to visit Bali on a budget.

After reading this I am just about ready to start packing my bag! My perfect week in Zanzibar would involve strolling through the local markets, sunset drinks at Africa House Hotel, taking a spice tour and buying all the local straw baskets! There would obviously also be plenty of down time by the pool with a really good book!

Have you visited Zanzibar before? Or have you always dreamed of going?

Paper Jet Challenge

Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Travelstart

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