Seabreeze on Bree Street opened last year and they started with a bang! R10 an oyster during their happy hours of 12pm to 1pm and 5pm to 6pm EVERY single day. I was doubly careful to check this includes Saturdays,ย which it does! I found this out on the Thursday. Friday I made the booking. Saturday we were there ready for oysters and bubbly! We indulged in the full Seabreeze experience and I would highly recommend a visit to this fantastic spot on your next sunny weekend!

The famous oysters of Seabreeze on Bree

We were lucky enough to join them on one of those perfect sunshine winter days. We grabbed a spot outside at their long communal bar. To our right was a birthday party, on our left a first date and further down an older married couple. Seabreeze seems to be for everyone on any occasion. Our “event” was to drink delicious things and live our best Cape Town lives.

We started with the oysters! We order four Knysna and four Saldanha oysters. I am kind of on the fence about oysters- I don’t LOVE them but I enjoy having one or two with a glass of bubbles. However, Jono absolutely loves them and he could have just kept going all happy hour! I really enjoyed trying the difference in taste between the Knysna and Saldanha oysters. And remember preferring one over the other… If only I could remember which one I preferred! I’ll have to go back for the taste test again!

We were in for the full luxury experience which meant oysters, bubbles, cocktails, starters and mains! Indulgent I know! If you are feeling more budget conscious just head through for a few oysters and people watching or skip straight to the main courses and share dessert between two. SeaBreeze on Bree is really casual with lots of people popping in and out over out long lazy lunch.

The Starters

I was explaining my SeaBreeze starter to friends over breakfast- and as I finished my story the waitress came over and asked what restaurant we were talking about because she had to try it! I had the snoek doughnut which is a light fluffy sugar coated doughnut filled with gorgeous snoek pate and tomato chutney. It was absolutely delicious! I wasn’t sure about the sweet doughnut with snoek pate but it really worked so well!

Jono opted for the grilled prawns with red slaw, sesame mayo and chilli nuts. This was light and fresh and lovely. They definitely know what they’re doing with seafood. However for pure deliciousness and decadence my doughnut definitely wins this round!

The Main Course

Jono went with the tuna burger with crispy onions and house cut chips. This was unfortunately the only disappointment of the afternoon. The tuna burger was cooked to a perfect medium rare. But unfortunately the burger needed some extra mayo or sauce to pull it all together. However, a couple just down from us were saying the burger was the highlight of their meal. So what do we know?? Haha!

My main course was the squid ink tagliatelle with prawns, tomatoes, pine nuts and chilli. I am not a seafood pasta kind of person. There are people where this is the go to must order dish. I am not one of these people. So please believe me when I say this seafood pasta is just absolutely damn delicious even if you’re not a seafood pasta kind of person. Damn delicious! Honestly! The squid ink pasta, the butter sauce, the perfect prawns, the warmth and creaminess of those pine nuts and that chilli kick pulling it all together.

Oh my word… I need to go order this right now….
But in all honesty, we had such a wonderful lunch at Seabreeze with this pasta dish being a major highlight. I would highly recommend you join them for oyster happy hour and stay for a second bottle of bubbles with that delicious pasta!

Have you visited Seabreeze on Bree yet? I’d love to hear what you thought! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Location:ย 211 โ€“ 213 Bree Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 9:30pm
  • Contact details:ย 074 79 39 349 or check out their website

2 thoughts on “Oyster Party at Seabreeze on Bree Street”

  1. I am the same as you when it comes to oysters – I can enjoy a few and that’s me because I just can’t have too many at a time. All the food looks so good! The doughnut sounds a little weird but I think I need to try it for myself to see what made you love it so much ๐Ÿ™‚ The seafood pasta sounds and looks just up my alley! What did you have for dessert after? (if you had any space!)

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