Paternoster means “Our Father” and is said to refer to the prayers of Portuguese sailors visiting our shores. Paternoster is about 145 kilometres from Cape Town and is one of the oldest villages on the West Coast. And it was recently our first time visiting this beautiful little village!

We are big fans of weekends away with Stellenbosch and Franschhoek being our standard go tos. We like to add in Cederberg once a year and have recently spend a little time in McGregor and Riebeek Kasteel too. Afristay have been following along with our adventures and wanted to see what getaways we could find on their site!

Afristay, previously Accommodation Direct, is a South African based accommodation hub with over 20,000 listings. They’re kind of like a locally based Airbnb with fantastic gems for locals to discover at reasonable rates. I used them to book our stay with De Linden in Paternoster but have actually referred friends on and discovered new places because of their fantastic user friendly site.

Other spots high up on my “Must Adventure” list include The Robertson Small Hotel, this lovely cottage in Onrus, this cottage for six in Hermanus, this beauty in Robertson, and my lust-list hotel Mo & Rose.

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in PaternosterToomuchloveliness: De Linden in PaternosterToomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

De Linden

We loved De Linden which is a beautiful guest house located in the middle of the village. We were a minute away from the beach and only a few minutes walk away from most of the restaurants we wanted to visit. During the winter season Paternoster is pretty quiet. We joined De Linden on their first weekend back after their winter break. The guest house has seven rooms but only two were booked for our weekend. We felt like we had the place to ourselves! On the first night we grabbed blankets and headed out to their balcony to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine. Rushing out from the city on Friday night was so worth it to catch that last hour of sunshine.

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Breakfast with De LindenToomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Your stay with De Linden includes breakfast. Breakfast starts with fresh fruit, pastries, cheeses, cereals and fresh bread. And then every day they have a “Meal of the day”. During our stay we enjoyed a really fantastic eggs benedict and a delicious omelette. I loved the beautiful presentation, the table settings and the warmth of the De Linden team.Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Lazy afternoons

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in PaternosterToomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

De Linden has plenty of social space to enjoy outside of your rooms. We spent late Saturday afternoon curled up on the giant L-shaped couch reading books and enjoying the fireplace. I actually think it would be amazing to get a big group of friends together and book out all seven rooms for a birthday weekend. I can image great games of drinking 30 seconds around the big wooden table!

Sunday mornings are for sleeping late

After a busy Saturday of too much food and wine it was wonderful to have a sleep in. I started my morning with tea and homemade rusks in bed before we were ready to head upstairs. We stayed in the Oyster room which had a great double bed and plenty of space. One thing to note is that the shower and bath are opened to the room. And the toilet is only tucked behind a paper screen. There is a guest bathroom which you can use. However, I wouldn’t recommend friends share this room – might be a little too intimate! I hear the other rooms have separate bathrooms behind closed doors.

What to do in Paternoster:

Paternoster is a seaside village which is most popular during the summer months. There a fantastic seafood restaurants, art galleries and beautiful beaches. It is worth noting that some of their most popular restaurants close for their winter break such as Noisy Oyster and Gaaitjie Restaurant. We needed to get a little more creative with our dining out options!

The Eating

A friend recommended De See Kat and had heard they did great sushi. We took it with a pinch of salt and decided to give it a try.

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in PaternosterToomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster
I am delighted to say that De See Kat is home to some of the best sushi I have ever eaten. We ordered just about everything on the sushi menu which completely flustered our waitress. And actually asked what a few dishes were, she didn’t know, went to find out and came back still not knowing. However, we decided to take the plunge and order everything anyway.

After quite a long wait two giant platters of sushi arrived with the most beautifully presented sushi- better than anything I have ever seen back home! The hand rolls were perfectly wrapped, the wasabi nestled in the red cabbage was delightful and the prawn fashion sandwiches are the best fashion sandwiches I have ever had. I would drive back to Paternoster to relive this meal alone. I would highly highly recommend give De See Kat a visit if you’re heading up the West Coast.

Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

We also visited Blikkie Pizzeria which is an affordable pizza spot with a great view over the ocean. The pizzas were delicious and the vibe was warm and friendly.

The Drinking

The wine lists at the restaurants are pretty affordable and basic. Which is great if you’re looking for a cheap bottle of wine. If part of your weekend away evolves around fantastic wine we would highly recommend you bring your own along! We brought wine with us, the staff were more than happy to bring glasses and ice buckets and we were happy to pay the R40 corkage per bottle.Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Whilst the wine lists were pretty basic most of the menus include the Paternoster Pilsner which is a local craft beer. Out of interest we bought a few bottles from the local bottle store. The Pilsner was great and we were excited to try a proudly Paternoster beer. I would highly recommend picking up a few beers – and they were great to take home to friends too!

We had a fantastic weekend exploring Paternoster and I actually would love to visit again soon. I still need to try Noisy Oyster and I definitely need to head back to De See Kat for more sushi soon!

If you’re looking for a spot up the West Coast I would highly recommend De Linden. Alternatively check out Afristay, I am sure they can inspire you with one of their lovely accommodation options!


Toomuchloveliness: De Linden in Paternoster

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our stay at De Linden Guest House as guests of Afristay. We were free to pick whichever accommodation suited us. And all images and opinions are my own.

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