I recently visited Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street with one of my besties for a big boozie lunch. We started at 1pm and only left at 5pm because we had made plans for the evening! We would happily have spent more time sitting under the gas heaters drinking great wine and finishing yet another bowl of olives. Love Thy Neighbour has a fantastic Greek menu and we did our level best of eating almost every dish on the menu! For the couple of dishes we missed we have plans to head back soon – maybe I’ll see you there!

Other favourites on Bree Street include Seabreeze for oysters at happy hour and La Tete for delicious nose to tail dining!

The menu at Love Thy Neighbour has been updated for winter with a couple of new dishes and an overall simplification of the original menu. Where there were ten meze dishes there are now seven. This move was to make decisions easier and allow the kitchen to focus on their star stand out dishes. I personally prefer this strategy and loved that every dish on the menu sounds like a “must order”!

They have a fantastic wine list which we found to be really good value. The hot spots along Bree Street can get really pricing when looking for a fantastic bottle of wine. They has the Secateurs Chenin Blanc for R150 per bottle or R40 by the glass which is a great wine at a good price.

Greek Meze Dishes to Start

Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

We started our lunch with a few of their mezes. I say a few but we actually ordered five of the seven mezes on the menu! We couldn’t narrow it down!! Mezes are kind of like antipasti for the Greek and Turkish world. The menu lists them as small bites to share which is pretty spot on.

One of my favourite things to do with this bestie is to order wine and eat olives. We normally do this at P&G but have possibly found a new location. Because we are such olive connoisseurs we actually ordered both types of olives. I think our waitress thought we were a little mad but went with it anyway.

We had the traditional marinated olives which were cracked nocellara olives, lemon and coriander seed. These were firm green olives with fresh lemon flavour. Perfect for crisp white wine on a warm day.

We also tried the roasted olives which are fire roasted Kalamata olives with orange, rosemary and garlic. These were soft and served warm perfect for the chilly weather. I really loved these roasted olives and they would definitely be my first choice with wine this winter!

After the olives the dishes really started rolling in! The calamari with harissa, za’atar and aoili was superb with a light crispy batter and a heavy lemon juice drizzle. If you’re a big calamari fan this is a must order. I found this dish paired particularly well with out bottle of Secateurs Chenin!

Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

The Must Order Mezes

Up top is Saganaki. This is a traditional Greek fried cheese dish. I actually had to google the world but am now a proud convert to the saganaki way of life. The cheese in question was fried haloumi served with pickled kumquat, almond and basil. This was a serious top top dish. You HAVE to order this dish- even if you were just planning on drinking wine.

And then, my FAVOURITE dish of the day. Oh my word, the fried aubergine with whipped feta, date molasses, sesame and mint. I thought it was going to be a sad looking dish of fried slightly soggy aubergine chunks with feta sprinkled on top. The reality is pictured below and it will blow your mind! They made skinny fries out of aubergines with a light batter, a kind of aioli feta story and a slight street drizzle. Mind blown! Also, correction – you HAVE to order this dish too.

Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

The Main Deal

After all the meze snacking we didn’t want to go overboard on the main course. We decided to share on of their souvlakias between the two of us. We went with the Sheftalia Souvlakia with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red onion, tahini sauce and tzatziki. Sheftalia (pronounced chef-ta-lia) is a lamb and pork sausage cooked on an open flame. This delicious sausages were wrapped in delicious pita and served with plenty of tzatziki.

We paired the Souvlakia with charred greens served with seasoned yoghurt, burnt chilli butter and dukkah. The greens were not particularly charred and mostly just really hard. And I found the sauce to be too oily and buttery. I wouldn’t recommend the greens. You’re much better off with a side of those aubergine fries! ­čśë

Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

Dessert at Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

Toomuchloveliness: Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street

I didn’t believe we had space for dessert. That was until they mentioned doughnuts and melted chocolate! Loukoumades are Cypriot doughnuts. They are┬átraditionally served with orange blossom syrup. Love Thy Neighbour has the traditional version but we decided to keep with the gluttony and have them served with hazelnut chocolate!

Loukoumades are crispy doughnut balls with a soft slight gooey, very syrupy, filling. These tiny doughnut puffs were served hot with melted choclate and crunchy hazelnuts. This was the perfect end to an incredible meal and paired well with our second bottle of wine and cold snap in the air.

Love Thy Neighbour on Bree Street was sensational. I would say this is one of the best lunches I have eaten this year and has become one of the restaurants I am recommending the most. Please go and visit them, order all the dishes and let me know how it goes.
Have you visited before? What was your favourite dish?


  • Location:┬á110 Bree Street, St Stephens Church,┬áCBD, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm til 11:30pm
  • Contact details:┬á021 422 2770 or their website

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