When I was little my dad would take me for breakfast at Newport Deli. It was always busy and full of Sea Point regulars. Newport Deli closed a few years ago and the spot stayed empty. There was suddenly a hole in the dedicated local eating scene. Finally, Lily’s Restaurant has take over the Newport spot and the locals are back! I am happy to confirm they are flocking back not just out of habit but for the great food, gorgeous venue and views and quick service. We joined them for a gorgeous three course lunch. As a result, I am a newly converted fan.

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

Starters at Lily’s Restaurant

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

The menu is wonderful with exciting starters, crowd pleasing main courses, salads, sandwiches, burgers and a really kick ass dessert menu. We really struggled to narrow down our menu choices. There are some seriously killer starter options. I decided to try something completely new – the Broccoli Every Which Way. I love broccoli and this dish incorporates the vegetable tempura’d, charred and pickled, served with salad cream, toasted pine nuts and whipped goat’s milk cheese. The starter was absolutely delicious with fantastic flavours – who knew tempura broccoli was such a hit!

Lily’s Restaurant is really vegetarian and vegan friendly. They have plenty of vegetarian dishes and make great suggestions of how to make them vegan with a simple alternative.

Jono went with The Gun Show “Mussels” with garlic, thyme, white wine and crispy bread. This was another 10/10 dish. We loved the thick creamy sauce with delicious mussels and rye bread.

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

Main Course at Lily’s Restaurant

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

For main course I had the sesame tuna dish. I saw it walking by, pointed to the dish and placed my order. The dish is made up of giant sesame crusted tuna fillets served with sticky coconut rice, wasabi aioli, coleslaw and edamame beans. I had the tuna served medium to rare and it was fantastic! I have a huge weakness for sticky coconut rice and it was a perfect pairing to the beautiful tuna fillets.

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

Jono opted for the L.F.C which stands for Lily’s Fried Chicken (like KFC, get it 😉 ). This is super crispy fried chicken served with spicy aioli, coleslaw and fries. The skinny fries are really fantastic and they worked well with the spicy aioli. When this giant dish of chicken arrived I was worried it was going to be all dried out. We were so excited to find the skin crispy and crunchy while the chicken meat was super tender despite all the frying!

The only disappointment of the lunch was the side order of pickles for R20. Lily’s pricing is definitely on the expensive side but the dishes are fantastic, well cooked with fresh ingredients and large portion sizes. All this goes towards making the price justifiable. Unfortunately, I cannot reconcile paying R20 for what appears to be one pickle sliced up. Yes, that tiny dish on the table – that’s the side order of pickles.

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

The Sweet Finish at Lily’s Restaurant

Lily's Restaurant Green Point

At this point we were pretty damn full but when there is a dessert including chocolate and salted caramel I can’t resist. As a result, we decided to share their Death by Chocolate. This is a chocolate tart with white chocolate mousse, salted caramel, chocolate sauce, caramel popcorn, cocoa crumble and vanilla pod ice-cream. Yes- there is a lot going on with this dish but it is just too amazing!

This concluded our lunch with Lily’s. We had three fantastic courses with some real standout dishes. Lily’s is set to be a new local favourite. And I would highly recommend you give them a visit soon.
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  • Location: Corner of Beach Road and Surrey Place, Mouille Point, Green Point
  • Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 7am til 10pm, with Fridays starting at 6am til 10pm.
  • Contact details:  021 2048545

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our lunch as guests of Lily’s restaurant. However, all images and opinions are my own.

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