I am a sushi eating monster. I can eat sushi all day any day. If someone so much as mentions sushi – I develop an immediate sushi crazing! When I found out that there was a new sushi spot in Green Point I knew we needed to visit. And to sweeten the deal even further – Manga is listed on the Entertainer App! This means sushi for me – and two-for-one on the bill! Since then I have been dying to try the sushi at Manga!

Other favourite sushi spots include Tomo Japanese Restaurant, Obi on Long Street and Kyoto Garden Sushi!

Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town

The Entertainer

First of all, I have a quick disclaimer before I talk about The Entertainer. For the past two years my company has bought everyone in the firm The Entertainer as a wonderful gesture of thanks. As such, I have not paid for The Entertainer but in no way is this a sponsored post.

There are two ways of looking at The Entertainer.
1) Affordable dining out option – paying for one main dish not two!
2) Splurge dining out experience whilst only paying the price of a normal meal out.

I tend to go with option 2. As such, we order our main courses via the 2-4-1 but because we are getting one main course free we splurge on pricey cocktails or a fancy starter! I get to live my best life for less – big win 😉

Manga is on The Entertainer – which is how we discovered them! They have a wonderful menu with great Asian fusion main courses and sushi options. We were delighted to find out that the sushi dishes are also 2-4-1. Often sushi is excluded from The Entertainer deals because it isn’t necessarily considered a “main course”.

Therefore we went with option 2 and splurged on beautiful cocktails! I would highly recommend visiting Manga for lunch, grabbing a seat in the window for the view and knocking back a few cocktails!

The Sushi at Manga

Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town

We ordered four sushi dishes with plates arriving as and when they were ready. As we had skipped breakfast we were beyond excited when food arrived at the table and we could tuck in!

The first dish to hit the table was the Manga Rainbow Reloaded which is pictured above. These are salmon, tuna and linefish rainbow rolls topped with a slightly sweet sticky sauce kind of like a teriyaki glaze. Absolutely delicious and a we were off to a great start.

Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town

Next arrived the Rockey Wasabi Rolls which were salmon rolls wrapped up with rocket and topped with a slightly spicy wasabi mayo. These are very similar to the Rocket Inside Out rolls at Obi (Papa San’s new spot in Long Street). I love the freshness the rocket brings to the dish and it’s always an interesting dish outside of what we have come to expect of sushi in Cape Town.

Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town

Before we knew it another dish arrived! The Volcano Tuna Rolls! We were not really sure what would arrive as the menu keeps the descriptions to the minimum. These beautiful rolls arrived with spicy tuna tartare inside, tuna and avo on top and flakes of nori thrown around like confetti across the sushi rolls!

I loved the spice in the tuna tartare and the extra texture and crunchy the nori brought to the dish. This is a fantastic dish but probably for your more adventurous sushi eaters.

The salmon roses are real beauties and were pretty well priced at R90 for five pieces. I love salmon roses and consider them the dessert of sushi! These were particularly good salmon roses and I would say they are a must order when visiting Manga!

Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town Sushi at Manga in Green Point, Cape Town

Hot Tip:

If you don’t have The Entertainer- tha’s okay! Because Manga hosts a #SushiTuesday where the sushi is two for one with or without the app!
If you’re looking to try their sushi but are feeling the budget life make sure to visit them on a Tuesday!

The sushi at Manga is really fantastic and I would highly recommend a visit some time soon! Look out for one of those warmer winter afternoons and head down for a lazy lunch on the weekends.


  • Location: Corner Beach Road and Rothesay Place, Green Point, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday from 11:30 til 10pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 til 10pm.
  • Contact details: 021 3007280

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