We are very spoilt in Cape Town having winelands just round the corner! Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are easy trips but Constantia is even closer! The Constantia wine farms make a perfect weekend filler when we are looking for something fun to do that requires zero effort. One of our favourite wine farms to visit is the Steenberg Wine Estate. They offer fantastic bubbles, lovely chilled whites and some serious red wines. For all my wine drinking I hadn’t visited the Bistro Sixteen82 restaurant in a long time and found the perfect excuse in the launch of their new menu launch!

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Bruschetta and BubblesToomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

We arrived pretty hungry so started with bruschetta and bubbles while we worked out our order! These are the little bruschetta duo, one topped with slow roasted tomatoes and goats feta, and prosciutto with a slightly spicy sauce.

The menu at Bistro Sixteen82 involves about twenty dishes and they all sound delicious. The black board has their basic overview but your waiter will run you through them. We had the most wonderful waitress who knew the menu inside and out, could make recommendations and suggest great wine pairings. I was really impressed with the attentive service and their strong knowledge on both the food and wine. You can always tell when your server has actually tested the menu – and this makes for a better dining experience.

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Round one at Bistro Sixteen82

  • Salmon terrine with truffled honey
  • Gambas prawns with lemongrass and tom yum sauce
  • Fish pot stickers

It was recommended we order about 6-7 dishes in stages of three so we started with the lighter fish and seafood dishes.

I loved the crispy fish pot stickers stuffed with light tender line fish and drizzled with a coriander and lime dressing. This dish was a sticky delicious mess and I abandoned the use of cutlery whole heartedly!

The prawns were delicious and swimming in a beautiful moreish sauce. I definitely got involved with a spoon after we had eaten all the little prawns.

The salmon terrine was light and paired well with the sweet peas and truffled honey glaze. We still enjoyed our chilled glasses of bubbles with these three dishes, but especially the light sweet salmon terrine.

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Steenberg has an amazing selection of wine and we had our waitress recommend wine for the next stage. She recommended the Nebbiolo and the Semillon. Both worked well and we swapped back and forth to work out which paired best. The final verdict was that you can’t go wrong with either.

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Round Two:

  • Beef tataki with chilli
  • Arancini risotto fritters
  • Apple cider jus pork belly

The beef tataki was so flavourful with corn, shameji mushrooms and chilli. The chilli brought a gentle heat but didn’t overpower the dish. Make sure to squeeze the lemon over the dish for extra zest and freshness.

The pork belly pulled apart with ease and was perfect comfort food. This dish was very rich and would have any pork belly fan in awe.

The arancini risotto fritters are always amazing and I made sure to scoop up all the sauce. There are some lovely vegetarian options on the menu and these are a must order!

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Sneaky round three:

  • Pork manchego croquette
  • Sticky harissa lamb ribs

Our waitress was amazing and recommended a couple of must have dishes we hadn’t yet tried! Six dishes later we were getting pretty full but I am glad we found space for these two!

The croquette was cheesy gooey goodness and would made an amazing pairing with a glass of crisp bubbles.

And the lamb ribs were wonderful. I am not normally a lamb eater but I could definitely make an exception here! The lamb melted off the bone but wasn’t fatty or overcooked. And I loved the tzatziki and sesame seeds to lighten up the dish.

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg


Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

We take dessert very seriously. So much so that even the table next to us were in shock when three desserts arrived. I thought it was still tapas style and ordered dessert in threes… Be warned these are three full sized desserts and whilst utterly delicious are really rich and filling!

Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

This is the dark chocolate marquise with raspberry ice cream tucked under orange foam with chocolate soil and a chocolate cigar. The chocolate marquise was beyond rich and delicious, maybe even a little too rich. But when paired with the tart raspberry ice cream and orange foam it really lightened up. Clever pairing and well executed dish.Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

This is the salted caramel chocolate with a gorgeous salted caramel chocolate ganache, peanut butter pinwheels, vanilla creme and peanut butter ice cream. I love salted caramel and I love peanut butter ice cream. This dessert was a huge hit for me!Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

And last is the banana cheesecake and peanut macaroon with sesame ice cream, creme Anglaise and popcorn praline. I am not a huge banana fan so this was not the dessert for me. However this was Jono’s favourite and I really loved the sesame ice cream.Toomuchloveliness: Bistro1682, Steenberg

All in all we had a really perfect dinner at Bistro Sixteen82. I don’t think I could even pick a top three dishes if I tried. Maybe the fish potstickers, the beef tataki and the arancini risotto fritters- but I am just as likely to change my mind in the next minute.

We look forward to heading back for more tapas and sundowners at the beautiful Bistro Sixteen82 this summer.


  • Location: Steenberg Estate, Steenberg Rd, Tokai
  • Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 5pm til 8pm
  • Contact details: 021 713 2211, reservations@bistro1682.co.za or their website

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