With summer holidays around the corner we are all looking for exciting adventures to fill our days! If I told you how much leave I have over the festive season – you may never talk to me again. BUT because of this I am working super hard to come up with exciting holiday plans! Its a win for me, and it’s a win for you! This post is specifically touching on Stellenbosch Wine Tasting with something a little special.

My favourite holiday activity is to fill a car and head up to the winelands. I have a group of regular friends who join me on these trips and we rotate who has to be the sober driver on the day. Whilst wine tasting is always exciting we really like to try different wine tasting experiences. Whether this is a wine paired with salt, biltong, cheese or chocolate– we’re in! I thought I would share with you a few of the wine tastings with a difference! Happy Holiday’ing!

I would love to hear your favourites too!

1) L’Avenir for their wine and cheese boards

L'Avenir Stellenbosch L'Avenir Stellenbosch

I love L’Avenir. It is one of the first wine farms I recommend when people are looking for Stellenbosch advice. And definitely a favourite Stellenbosch Wine Tasting Spot. Grabbing a spot by their dam, a bottle of chenin and their cheese board with warm bread is a real summer favourite. They have a wide range of wines available for tasting and with their giant chunks of cheese you can do all the mixing, matching and pairing you want!

They have also introduced a carpaccio and wine pairing which is completely unique experience and gives visitors a chance to try springbok and crocodile carpaccio!

2) Longridge for their wine and food pairing

Longridge Stellenbosch

This is one of my favourite experiences of wine tasting in Stellenbosch. Hands down. They also make some seriously great wine apart from the food pairing. If you have never been to Longridge – get organised! I need to head back this summer to stock up on wine again as somehow over the course of the last year we have managed to swiftly work through six cases of their wines… little embarrassing, a lot delicious. Their food pairing changes and improves as they go but it is always fantastic, great value for money and served with some of their killer wines.

They also have a gorgeous restaurant at the farm so make sure to book a table for a lazy lunch after your wine pairing! You will definitely be hungry for more!

3) J C Le Roux for their MCC and olive pairing

J C Le Roux, Stellenbosch

J C Le Roux is known for their sparkling wines and sweet sugary pairings. This used to pull us all in as varsity students but now we are looking for something a little more sophisticated for our educated palates. J C Le Roux has created the solution in the form of their premium MCC tasting range paired with delicious olives. I love the olive pairing and am very excited about the top end bubbles in their range. Tuck into the juicy olives and more grown up MCC with this pairing.

4) Fleur du Cap for their wine and salt pairing

Fleur du Cap, Stellenbosch

This is a funny sounding concept but actually it’s really fantastic! You try five wines paired with five different salt focused dishes served on top of a slab of pink salt. One of my favourites was the unfiltered Chardonnay paired with rich green olive pesto and Black Lava Salt from the lava pools of Hawaii. And if it wasn’t delicious enough we finished with the the Platter 5-Star Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest paired with delicious Maldon salted fudge.

5) Villiera for their bubbles and nougat pairing

Villiera Stellenbosch

I love Villiera bubbles and I love Sally Williams nougat. As such I was delighted when they combined forces and created this wonderful pairing! This is definitely a pairing for those of us with a sweet tooth! My favourite of the pairing was the Monro Brut with honey nougat and almonds.
They have also recently introduced a food pairing with four of their Domaine Grier wines which sounds delicious and is on my list to try out soon!

6) Delheim for their wine and cupcake pairing

Delheim Stellenbosch Delheim Stellenbosch

I am a huge cupcake fan and these tiny cupcakes at Delheim were amazing! The wine pairing experience was very enjoyable, I just felt the wine on its own wasn’t a stand out favourite of the valley. Definitely visit for the novelty and enjoy the experience in Stellenbosch – the Makataan and vanilla cupcake topped with cream cheese is sensational!

If you’re looking for more Stellenbosch Wine Tasting Ideas make sure to visit the official Stellenbosch Wine Valley Tourism Site.

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