I thought by now the craze would have worn out. But it really hasn’t. Crumbs and Cream has launched the first South African ice cream sandwich brand by pairing delicious gooey cookies with fantastic ice cream flavours and exciting toppings!. We arrived on a lovely wintery day with a queue of twenty people heading out the door! I could not believe it but the queue moves quickly with the guys up front being organised, in charge and able to quickly run you through the process! And in case it’s too much of a challenge – they even stick the instructions up on the wall!

Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream

Step 1) Pick your cookies at Crumbs and Cream

Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream

There are SO many flavours from red velvet to chocolate brownie, rainbow, chocolate chip, oreo and mint. There is even a banting cookie which offers a happy alternative to our sugar and gluten free friends. They are pumping these cookies out the oven as you stand there and the smell of freshly baked cookies is pure heaven! There is no doubt that these cookies are as fresh as they can possibly be!

The best part- either side of your sandwich can be a different flavour! We tried the red velvet which is super delicious, the half and half and the sprinkles! The sprinkles cookie was the most chewy centred of the three- and my favourite. However the red velvet is really delicious and might make for the best cookie just for devouring on its own!

Don’t forget to add spreads! We both went with chocolate spread and it added that extra layer of decadence!

Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream

Step 2) Pick you ice cream

There is an overwhelming number of ice cream flavours to chose from which makes finding an excuse to come back even easier! We went with a scoop of the strawberry cheesecake and the oreo ice cream. These are giant generous scoops, so don’t worry about there being only one scoop each!

Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream

Step 3) Pick your toppings

You can go absolutely mad with the toppings and chose as many extras as you like! At this point we were a little worn out with all the choices and were ready for the eating! We finished with a quick sprinkle of white chocolate shards and oreo crumble!Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream

There is space to sit inside Crumbs and Cream but I would highly recommend grabbing your sandwich and heading down to the promenade! We had a lovely walk filled with ice cream and gossip. Crumbs and Cream really is a must do this summer!

Other ice cream favourites include Sobetiere, The Creamery and Unframed Ice Cream.Toomuchloveliness; crumbs and cream


  • Location: 16 Regent Road, Sea Point
  • Opening times: Monday – Thursday and Sunday: 11am – 10pm | Friday and Saturday: 11am – 11pm
  • Contact details: 083 659 4439 and check out their Facebook page here

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