We really love picnics. I love the easy, fresh, delicious food. And I love camping out in the sunshine. And they are even better when there is wine involved! Warwick in Stellenbosch is famous for their picnics and were one of the first farms to introduce a gourmet picnic on their rolling lawns. I have visited a few times and every year they come out with a new menu which is just better and better! I think by now Warwick can comfortably call themselves the picnic pros of the winelands!

If you’re looking for other picnic ideas I can highly recommend the Grande Provence Chic’nic in Franschhoek or the delicious country spread at Hartenberg!

Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic

If you are looking for exciting ideas for this coming summer I would highly recommend booking a picnic spot at Warwick! Picnics are R500 for a basket for two and will be more than enough food for a picnic feast! They encourage you to order wine and spend the day relaxing at your picnic spot. Make sure to join them for a tasting before your picnic to find your favourite Warwick wine! A picnic at Warwick is not just lunch but a full day winelands experience.

Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic

The Warwick Picnic

Your pretty picnic arrives all wrapped up and your waitress for the afternoon will unpack and explain all the dishes to you. The staff are always so wonderful and friendly – so you will be in great hands.

Your picnic menu includes:

  • Fifteen-hour, slow-cooked, BBQ shredded beef served with a fine crunchy slaw
  • Hot-smoked Norwegian Salmon served on baby potatoes & crispy fried capers with a delicious creamy yoghurt dressing
  • Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes, basil and mozzarella
  • Two corn on the cob
  • A chunk of matured mountain cheese
  • Homemade creamy Boursin cheese
  • Warwick’s famous biltong paté
  • Twisted olive bread & delicious umami butter
  • Loved ponies onion marmalade

and The Cheesecake Conundrum for dessert!

Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic

All the delicious details

All of the dishes are not only beautiful but delicious! I loved the Southern Style theme with the pulled slow cooked beef, coleslaw and corn on the cob! Every year Warwick manages to change the menu and surprise their picnic go’ers!

Don’t worry though – a few old favourites are still in the basket! There is a still the delicious loaf of bread with their famous biltong pate and their loved ponies onion marmalade. My new favourite is their homemade boursin cheese which is a smooth creamy cheese almost like cream cheese! I liberally spread this over the olive bread and topped it with their 15-hour slow cooked beef! The pairing is fantastic!

My favourite of the picnic menu was the hot-smoked Norwegian salmon with those crispy fried capers and creamy yoghurt dressing! Oh my goodness! The smoked salmon is perfection and I loved the saltiness the crispy capers added to the dish. This is really fantastic – and I would recommend trying to avoid sharing!

Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic Toomuchloveliness: Warwick PicnicToomuchloveliness: Warwick PicnicWarick makes incredible wine with my favourite being the White Lady. This is a wooded Chardonnay and was an absolute treat with the picnic spread. They bring the wine with an ice bucket – so don’t worry about drinking warm wine!

*Hot tip: when the picnic arrives, put the cheesecake jars in the ice bucket to prevent the chocolate sauce from melting and making a huge mess! *

If you’re looking for a lighter white wine you can’t go wrong with their unwooded Chardonnay, the First Lady. If you’re more of a red wine drinker I really enjoy The Black Lady: Syrah. And a Syrah may be a smarter red wine choice for a warm summer’s day picnic!Toomuchloveliness: Warwick PicnicToomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic

The Cheesecake conundrum

Warwick is pretty damn clever – and instead of picking one dessert they are getting us to fine tune the menu! You are brought two little jar cheesecakes, one with a berry compote and the other with a rich chocolate sauce. You then have the tough choice of having to vote: Berry vs Chocolate vs “why not both?”.

The interaction and the thinking and the playing with the menu is such a lovely touch. We truly did have a conundrum as I was team chocolate cheese cake and my boyfriend was team berry compote. Luckily this worked out perfectly – and I got plenty of spoonfuls of creamy cheesecake covered in chocolate sauce! Hello happiness!

There you go! That is Warwick’s new summer picnic and it is great! If you are looking to visit over the weekend make sure to book. Warwick is super children friendly – so if you have small things, bring them along. They even have their own children friendly picnic baskets. However, if you are without children and would like a quieter lunch I would recommend trying to book a spot further away from the two jungle gyms as children are irritating and loud. No offense to people with children… I am sure yours are lovely…Toomuchloveliness: Warwick Picnic


  • Location: Warwick wine estate, R44,Stellenbosch
  • Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 9am til 5pm, however picnic baskets are only ready from 12pm.
  • Contact details: +27 21 884 4410 | visit@warwickwine.com or visit their super easy online picnic spot booking site here!

Disclaimer: We enjoyed our evening as guests of Warwick and Stellenbosch. However, all images and opinions are my own.

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