We recently spent the night at The Alphen in Constantia which is only about ten minutes from home. I sadly spent the Saturday morning at work. We then grabbed lunch at Cheyne’s in Houtbay and headed to the hotel via the nursery in Constantia. We were able to have a night away whilst still being able to do all our favourite Cape Town things. (No, my work morning was not a favourite Cape Town thing…)

I really love weekends away. It is the best solution to stretching out the hours in Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday blues kick in when Sunday evening comes around and I feel like I have wasted a weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I would not consider a full weekend in bed with a book a wasted weekend! A wasted weekend is one which flew by without making the best of it. But The Alphen really helped us make the best of our weekend! A local staycation may be the perfect solution!

The Alphen is also home to Blanko which is a gorgeous bistro restaurant which could make for the perfect Sunday lunch! They also host an amazing supper club in winter that is worth a visit!

The Alphen in Constantia

The beautiful Alphen Hotel

The Alphen in ConstantiaThe Alphen in Constantia The Alphen in Constantia

I may be jumping the gun a little early considering how many exciting adventures are left in the year – but I think The Alphen may be our favourite hotel of the year. There you go! I said it! The Alphen is pure class, old school charm and luxury. Much later in the night we climbed into our giant bed and whispered to one another: “Can we stay here forever” whenever one of us rolled over or woke up.
The Alphen in Constantia The Alphen in Constantia

The Alphen in Constantia

I loved having a giant couch and TV set aside from the bed. We sat on the couch eating all the baked goods from the La Belle bakery on site, laughing and drinking a lot of wine til well into the early morning. Often with a hotel space – the only sitting options are that stiff chair or the bed. And once you have climbed into bed – you’re drifting off! By having a separate living room space we actually ended up spending more time together and enjoying the room so much more.

The Alphen in Constantia The Alphen in Constantia

The oh-so-glamorous Bathrooms

But the actual best part of the room was our double bathroom and giant bath set up! I am now completely sold on his and her bathrooms and no just sinks. To the right was a fully kitted out bathroom with a shower, and to the left was another bathroom but with a bath tub instead of a shower. Who says you have to chose! After a drink at the bar I promptly headed back to the room, ran the biggest bubble bath and climbed in with a glass of wine and a book.

I was so happily hidden away with my book and bubbles that Jono actually came searching for me out of fear I had fallen asleep in the tub! (He is not use to periods of silence longer than thirty minutes – and this may be the reason The Alphen is his favorite hotel too!)
The Alphen in ConstantiaThe Alphen in Constantia

Breakfast at La Belle

We really did not want to leave the next morning and the amazing black out blinds did an amazing job of keeping the sunshine out and allowing us a lie in. Eventually we did climb out of the perfect bed and got ready for breakfast. The Alphen is home to La Belle which serves breakfast to the hotel guests but is also open to the public. We arrived to a table in the sunshine and every other table full with a long table celebrating with a birthday brunch. La Belle was so fantastic and festive that we will definitely be making an effort to head back for breakfast soon!The Alphen in Constantia

The Alphen in Constantia

I went for the tower of flapjacks topped with blueberries, maple syrup and extra bacon. But I made sure to order their fresh fruit platter for a little healthy balance (jokes 😉 ). I loved the fresh fruit served with the minted creamy yoghurt. We’re definitely going to try create this at home.

The pancakes were delicious and the blueberries and bacon were delicious together. However, Jono had the better dish and I was terribly envious! Luckily he ended up sharing more of his breakfast with me than he had planned. He had the eggs benedict with a toasted English muffin, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with salmon. (This make is an Eggs Royale if you would like a fun food fact of the day!). This was a perfect eggs benedict. Seriously seriously perfect – and if you consider yourself an eggs benedict fan you should definitely give them a visit!

The Alphen in ConstantiaThe Alphen in Constantia


Disclaimer: We visited as guests of The Alphen Hotel, however all images and views are my own.

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