PRON, joburg PRON, joburg

I put a lot of research into our restaurant visits in Jo’burg. I fortunately have a colleague (and friend) who is both an adventurous eater and very brave in the face of new food thrown his way. We have worked through a long list of firsts and I am determined to turn him into a foodie by the end of our trip! My research has taken us through six successful foodie weeks up in Jo’burg with only a few slips here and there!

As a Cape Town based blogger I am only going to share my big Jo’burg highlights. We have had lots of very nice meals – but I’m kind of putting together a MUST GO list for Jo’burg. So if its on the blog it means we really loved it and would make an effort to go again. That means if you’re reading this as a local from Jo’burg – get yourself sorted! And if you’re reading this as a Cape Townian – put it on your list if you’re heading up to Jozi for any reason!

PRON, joburg

PRON stands for People’s Republic of Noodles and they are working hard at educating us about food from Northern China. When I think of Chinese food I think of springrolls and large tasty rice based dishes. Apparently this is only one part of the wonderful Chinese cuisine. PRON introduced us to their flat gluttonous noodles and Chinese hand break bread. Both these noodles and bread are made by hand at PRON every day which means you are getting authentic and fresh every single time.PRON, joburg

I didn’t know Chinese hand break bread was a thing and now I am really obsessed! Chinese bread is kind of a round curl of flaky bread pastry and it amazing for scooping all the other starters, eating with their amazing secret chili sauce or just greedily stuffing warm pulled off pieces into your mouth.

The waitress came over and insisted we try the chili. The owner then followed closely after encouraging the chili sauce. I was a little hesitant but it is absolutely amazing and I then proceeding to try it with everything over the course of our dinner!

Other highlights included the amazing cucumber and tofu salad which is covered in the most moreish delicious dressing and stuffed with spring onions! I could eat an entire plate of this right now!

Our waitress recommended the Chashao pork slices and it was a brilliant suggestion. The pork was tender and sweet with a slight barbeque flavour. The thing slices of pork worked well with the hand break bread!PRON, joburg

Next up we tucked into the noodles. I went with the Sichuan Chili Chicken Noodles which I was warned were hot. They weren’t as hot as advertised but once I added some extra secret chili sauce my cheeks were warming up against the chilly Jo’burg winter.

PRON, Joburg PRON, Joburg

The noodle dishes were giant and I ended up taking half of mine home for lunch the next day. The noodles are chewy and delicious and the dishes involve lots of fresh flavours.

I ordered the Sichuan chili chicken noodles and my colleague the bean paste beef noodles. The chicken noodles were tasty however I wished for a little more sauciness. I am sure they are made authentically and correctly – but I would have preferred more sauce to add flavour to the dish.

The been paste beef noodles were topped with great fresh tomato and cucumber and then a slight sweet, slightly stick beef bean paste ragout on top. This could almost have been the Chinese equivalent of a comforting bowl of spaghetti bolognese!PRON, Joburg

All the flavours were delicious but I felt the starters were the stand out dishes. I would love to go back for more hand break bread paired with their starters! Apparently their noodle soups are amazing too – and there I may find the extra sauce I was looking for!

PRON, joburg PRON, joburg

We had a fantastic dinner at PRON. The service is fantastic and we felt very looked after by both the owner and her team. We enjoyed ending of our dinner with fresh cups of floral tea and cute Chinese sweets.

A note on the bill – we ate a lot of food and I had a glass of wine too. We found their pricing very reasonable and fantastic value for money.

PRON, joburg


  • Location: 69, 7th Street, Linden, Randburg
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday from 12pm til 3pm and 6pm til 9:30pm
  • Contact details: 011 7821736

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