Jordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch

We have been slowly working our way through the Eat Out Top Ten of 2016 (and the top twenty nominees too). I have visited Jordan before on many occassion for both wine tasting and lunch at their amazing deli. I would highly recommend their deli for delicious seasonal food and stunning views.

However, I have been lusting over lunch at the main restaurant run by George Jardine. We booked for a lazy sunny Sunday in the middle of winter and were delighted to see George himself in action! I had a foodie stalker moment and you can see him photographed in the top photo. Yes, I am beyond embarrassing.

Jordan, Stellenbosch

I have said it before – and I will say it again. I always judge a fancy restaurant by their bread broad. If they take the bread board seriously – you know there are more good things to come! The sourdough sticks were my favourite covered with a to die for garlic aioli!Jordan, StellenboschI really fussed over this menu and it was actually ridiculous. With only four options per course you would think narrowing it down would be easy… Every dish walking by from the kitchen looked beautiful and I kept changing my mind!

We decided we would sign up for the full Jordan experience and do the three course lunch for R375. It is a lot of money – but if you are a foodie passionate about beautiful food made properly I would highly recommend the investment.

My sweetheart went with the roasted rabbit loin, truffled white bean velouet, crispy bacon, confit tomatoes and buttered poached leeks. I had the tartar of yellow fin tuna, tempura prawns, aromatic curried chickpea, buffalo labneh raita and bisque.

Both dishes were exceptional with bright colours, quality ingredients and perfect flavour combination.Jordan, StellenboschJordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch

I ordered the confit and roasted Wellington quail with braised umqhusho, carrot espuma, fried potato and young carrots. I can never resist a quail dish and I am glad I didn’t this time! We had to sneakily google umqhusho under the table – it is samp and played a huge roll in soaking in all the delicious flavours from the quail and the sauce. I actually hope to see more restaurants using umqhusho in their dishes – I could imagine it working well as an alternative to gnocchi or mash potatoes.

Quail is a really difficult dish as it quickly dries out  and I was really impressed with Jordan. The quail was done two ways – the tender chicken breasts were stuffed with fresh and fragrant herbs between the meat and the skin. This made for incredibly tender and flavourful quail. And the quail thighs were wrapped in crispy deliciousness and has wonderful crispy skin and flavoursome meat. Jordan, Stellenbosch

Jono went with the pan roasted line caught yellowtail with ginger roasted pakchoi, miso squash, toasted cashew nuts and bouillon. To be very honest I thought he would have opted for the chalmar rump with the creamed spinach and shitake mushrooms. But he has a soft spot for pakchoi lately and it really was a brilliant choice!

The yellowtail arrived atop gorgeous hidden vegetable gems and slices of bokchoi. The bouillon broth was then poured over the vegetables and served to slight cook the bokchoi. The salty bouillon broth with the tender delicate fish and creamy sauce was a perfect compliment with each element better for the others presence.

Jordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch

I was instructed to order the soufflé and when I heard it was a honey and poppy seed soufflé I simply couldn’t resist. This is apparently a Jordan Restaurant signature dish and I can completely understand why. The giant soufflé rose up well above the ramekin dish. Once presented by a chef from the kitchen, she carved a neat little cross into the middle and slowly dropped in a perfect oval of creamy rich poppy seed ice cream. The soufflé was soft and gooey in the middle with delicious honey, egg and butter flavours. The best part was the crispy golden edges yellow with melted butter and sugar.

This is a superb dessert and a stand out mouthful of my year to date!

The valrhona chocolate praline mousse with candied orange and coffee bean ice cream was brilliant too – but I felt the soufflé was the clear winner. You can’t beat a Jordan Restaurant classic ;). But it does seem they can come damn close with creamy rich chocolate mousse paired with sweet and tart candied orange.

Jordan, Stellenbosch Jordan, Stellenbosch

Before we finished our last sip of wine and before they sent us home we enjoyed a parting gift of two dainty banana bread cakes to make lunch last that little bit longer. We ate our tiny Alice in Wonderland Cakes, admire the view and felt very lucky to have had lunch at Jordan.


Jordan, Stellenbosch


  • Location: Jordan Wine Farm, StellenboschKloof Road, Stellenbosch
  • Opening times: 12pm til 2:30pm from Tuesday to Sunday and dinner from 6:30pm til 8:30pm from Thursday to Saturday.
  • Contact details: 021 8813612

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