There is food that is simply perfect. I have a rolling list which includes a perfectly ripe nectarine straight out of the fridge, an avocado in between the rock hard and vrot phase, tuna sashimi and oyster mushrooms. I’m not sure why I find these foods perfect as they are all quite different from one another but it is possibly because I find their flavours brilliant. The experience of eating each one of these is a pure pleasure for their clean, honest and upfront flavours. The food we enjoyed at La Colombe was perfect.

The flavours were brilliant. And each dish was clean, honest and upfront. I can completely understand why they are ranked in the top ten restaurants in South Africa and why Scot Kirton was named best chef by Eat Out in 2015.

We have also loved their La Colombe work lunch menu which is available in the winter months. This is the perfect way to taste the La Colombe menu at an affordable price.

La Colombe. Scot Kirton

The La Colombe Gourmand Lunch MenuLa Colombe. Scot Kirton

We joined them for their Gourmand Lunch Menu in December. I wrote most of this post straight after the amazing lunch. But because of the theatrics and the special’ness of their menu I didn’t want to publish this before they had a menu change. I didn’t want to spoil your adventure with La Colombe! I know it is no longer relevant to the current menu but it might be entertaining and might provide insight into the incredible dishes La Colombe is creating. And rumour has it – the current menu is even better!

La Colombe. Scot Kirton

The thought process behind booking for lunch is that La Colombe comes with both a beautiful view and beautiful food and daylight is best for admiring both! Also the lunch time Gourmand menu is a little more affordable.

This is a picture heavy blog post and I thought it might best to do it this way. La Colombe is an incredible experience and my favourite meal of 2015.

Bread Round One: Virginal butter with fresh breadLa Colombe. Scot Kirton

Tuna La Colombe

La Colombe. Scot KirtonThis is La Colombe’s iconic dish and was a pleasure to finally try it! I had huge expectations about the treasures held with the tuna tin but I was still blown away! Three delicate slices of seared yellowfin tuna are placed on top of a tuna tataki style base, then drizzled with a gorgeous glaze of ponzu, citrus, ginger, wasabi and decorated with sesame seeds, and shitake mushrooms. The Asian style glaze is delicate, delicious and packed with many subtle flavours! I actually couldn’t resist dipping my bread into the tin to catch every flavour! And the freshest tuna too.

La Colombe. Scot Kirton

veggie option –

veggie got a little screwed – more sweetcorn

La Colombe. Scot Kirton


  • Location: Silvermist Wine Estate, Constantia Nek, Constantia
  • Opening times: Lunch: Monday to Sunday 12 noon to 1.30pm and Dinner: Monday to Sunday 7pm to 8.30pm
  • Contact details: 021 794 2390 or their website (reservations are pretty much mandatory with about a month long wait)

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