I don’t tend to write posts diary style but we had such a lovely weekend away exploring Botriver that I thought I would squeeze in a quick post and share our weekend. I have really fallen for the little town of Botriver which is truly charming. I spend a lot of time in between farms shouting: “look at the yellow fields” and “I could totally buy a house here”BotriverBotriver We started our weekend with a quick check in at Uitwaaien which is in the town of Botriver. Our self catering cottage came with a queen bed, open plan kitchen, living room with fire place and even a bath tub! I would highly recommend a stay over with them if you’re looking for an escape. The cottages are R800 per night and worked out to be great value for money. I loved the attention to detail with the chocolates next to the bed and fresh flowers in the kitchen.BotriverBotriver Botriver We quickly rushed out to an early dinner at Beaumont. We were joining them for their seven course Magnificent Magnum 7 course paired dinner prepared by Zest Catering. It started with Genevieve bubbles paired with wild mushrooms and then moved on to many delicious things. The Thai butternut soup paired with Beaumont Hope Marguerite was really fantastic – and one I will be repeating at home. My favourite course was confit chicken with chorizo bean stew and roasted garlic – flipping delicious!

BotriverBotriverAfter a good nights sleep we were up and squeezing in a quick breakfast. Whilst the weather wasn’t super spring’y we had a festive breakfast with bright colourful fruits. We then headed out to Barton for the first stop of the day.

Barton was beautiful with olive trees and Spring blossoms. The guys from Aphrodisiac Shack were there in full force with gorgeous paired canapes. We loved the easy drinking wines of Barton and appreciated the clever pairings put together by Aphrodisiac Shack. The smoked chicken with radish was amazing with the Barton Chenin.

BotriverBotriver BotriverNext up we headed out to Gabrielskloof. My boyfriend is a huge fan of pickles and was beyond delighted to find out that the wines were being paired with pickles and preserves. Even better – we were the guinea pigs who needed to suggest the pairings! We spent a really happy hour tasting and trying all the pickled things and coming up with pairings! Botriver BotriverAfter the pickles we were really excited for lunch! The man behind the pickles was also in charge of our lunch menu! We tucked into delicious country style food – and we had our socks knocked off. We really loved all the fresh and seasonal flavours! The favourite of the starters was a fresh baby leaf salad topped with the most amazing pickled peppers and grilled Crotin cheese.Botriver

After a very stressful day of drinking wine and eating food we needed a nap. I am not even joking. So we raced back home and had about a twelve minute nap. Next we were up at Penny’s from Luddite to learn how to make sausages! The local butcher was on hand to walk us through the slaughtering process and a little background. We then ground the meat, learned about the sausage flavouring and made our own perfect sausage! It was absolutely fun and was well aided with Luddite wine!

From there we headed out to the Pink Polo Party where we drank gin, snacked on picnic food and played soccer in giant bubbles! Botriver really does throw fantastic parties!BotriverBotriverWe had a well deserved Sunday morning lie in and then divided and conquered. Our half went after more wine and the others headed down to Hermanus for coffee and a walk by the ocean. Wildekrans was our last wine farm in the Botriver Valley. And it was a complete dark horse! Their wines were delicious and their estate range was very affordable. And then it was time to say good bye to lovely Botriver and head on home via Hermanus.

We really had an amazing visit and we both want to spend more time in Botriver going forward! Any Botriver recommendations to share?Botriver

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