Right, if you have arrived at my blog before excited for a shiny brand new post – and have left disappointed- I am very sorry.

But the honest truth is that I have a semi-permanent case of the tireds and the I-don’t-wannas. I am tired all the time, and I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. I recently read that there are five important things: sleep, exercise, family, friends and work. You can only pick 3. Think about it… Its a goodie.

And some weeks I am smashing it out of the park – I’m gyming three/ four times a week, I’m seeing friends, I’m getting 8ish hours sleep, I’m calling my mom and working my butt off. But you see, this blog – it isn’t work. So the blog is now important thing number six.

And friends, I can’t EVEN!

For the last little while I have been working til 7pm at night, I then go home via the gym or out to meet friends and then crash into bed as soon as possible. And a case of the tireds hits and there is no blogging done. And then on the weekends I am beyond worn out and while I may no longer be so dreadfully tired, I have a serious case of the I-don’t-wannas. And when I blog in that mood… Its just kak. So I’m not tired but I am very committed to watching three seasons of White Collar in one weekend. And don’t you be judging me.

So today I woke up in Jo’burg. I am up here for work for this week. We had worked til 7pm the night before and another 7pm this evening. On top of working with this client – all other client admin and work still follows you from HOW many months ago. So in an 11hour work day – you still feel like you have done very little. And don’t get me wrong – I fiercely love my job it’s just that there’s a lot to do in an average day.
We then went out for a super quick dinner at Big Mouth in Nelson Mandela square which is amazing. And grabbed ice cream from Häagen-Dazs. We were back at the hotel at 8:30pm.

Now this is where I let myself down.
I have about two hours work to do on a previous client which needs to be finished like last week. Do I do this? No.
I have a giant back log of lovely blog posts to write and share. Do I do this? Nope.
Grab a bath and have an early night? That’s hilarious, no.
I decide I completely hate my blog and instead of creating new content I am going to change the entire layout. Right NOW.

So that’s what we’ve got. If you’re here for a new post – you are welcome to my self involved ridiculous complaining.
You can also admire the new blog layout – because that’s what I wanted to do.
I am hoping soon that life will feel a little more manageable and I will regain my ability to even. And that the tired may ease and the I-don’t-wannas will lessen if not completely disappear.

(thank you to my instagram husband for this photo. And for cheering me on. You’re my favourite)

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