Craft, JoburgCraft, Joburg

I’m up in Jo’burg for work quite a bit this year. And on top of all the working we are doing I’ve made a serious effort to explore Jo’burg and find out what this city has to offer. As a typical Cape Townian I am quick to tell you how bad Jo’burg is. This was actually before I had spent much time at all in Jo’burg. But I actually like Jo’burg – its fun, its busy and the weather is fantastic.

Part of our work routine is arriving in the morning and having a catch up of our foodie adventures from the night before with the lovely ladies we are working with at the moment. These Jo’burgers are amazed that we are trying out all these crazy cool Jo’burg spots. And what is even better is they are taking our recommendations and actually trying out new places too!

Craft was the biggest success story around the office and I have had a report back that some of the team have already visited! So this post is from the wonderful ladies we get to spend time with in Jo’burg.

Craft, Joburg Craft, Joburg

The menu at Craft is huge and we really struggled to narrow down our choices to two. The only solution was team work and a promise to share. My work buddy opted for the pulled pork burger. We read this briefly thinking it would be like a pulled pork bun. Oh no, nothing is so simple at Craft! This is a 200g pure beef hand pressed patty topped with emmental and a generous amount of smoked pulled pork. This monster burger was also served with some really delicious chunky sweet potato fries.

This burger was overboard and really amazing. The pulled pork was tender and juicy. I would highly recommend ordering this is you have a big appetite and you’re serious about your burgers.Craft, Joburg

I opted for the mac and cheese with char roasted red peppers and chorizo. I am actually a huge mac and cheese fan and although easy to make, it is not a dish I often make at home. So when I see mac and cheese on the menu my eyes instantly glaze over. Especially when there are exciting extras!

My mom made really great mac and cheese when we were growing up. And I know its a terrible sin to say a dish is better than your mom’s… but guys! This mac and cheese was all creamy, saucy, comfort food. At the time of eating this, this was the best mac and cheese I had ever eaten. I now have a new number one favourite – but you’ll have to hang around to find out! This is a serious close second though and if you’re a huge mac and cheese fan then you need to try this one!

{Please appreciate my side order of a salad to make it healthy… However, it really was a smashing side salad with crunchy fresh veggies. Anything heavier with the mac and cheese would have been too much!}

Craft, Joburg

And as seriously amazing as the food is at Craft, they are famous for these guys!Craft, Joburg

The stars of the show: The Craft Freakshakes. These are giant overboard milkshakes that are almost impossible to finish! When they arrived at our table people from across the restaurant started getting up to have a look at them. A little bit awkward – we felt like the biggest pigs in the restaurant! But it was worth it!!

I went for the Chocolate Overload and my work buddy the Salted Caramel Delight.

The Chocolate Overload is a milk chocolate and white chocolate shake in dense layers covered in hazelnut-choc sauce (pretty much nutella smothered all around the inside of the glass), chocolate ganache, whipped chocolate, roasted marshmallows, Belgian choc sauce and even chocolate sprinkles. This is then topped with a fat wedge of chocolate brownie and decorated with smarties and rolos. YA. I KNOW!

The Salted Caramel Delight is a creamy Crème Brule vanilla milkshake, topped with a fat slice of baked cheese cake, a salted caramel disk, sticky caramel filled chocolates and spooned caramel sauce. This too is epic-ally insane.

Look, these milkshakes are insane. They are R95 a pop and you can see why. They are crammed with every possible delicious sweet thing they can imagine. I wolfed down spoons of thick chocolate milkshake covered in nutella-like spread and topped with brownie bits. The Salted Caramel Delight is delicious too – and the creamy smooth milkshake is easier for drinking through a straw. The only benefit to the Chocolate Overload is that it was just a little less sweet.

I sadly couldn’t finish my entire milkshake and I would highly recommend sharing these monsters! Cute date idea too! We actually hobbled into our uber with uncomfortably full bellies and moaned about it well into the evening.

So there you have it – Craft is fantastic. This year we have visited roughly 20 restaurants in Jo’burg and Craft is definitely in the top 3. The freakshakes are amazing – but don’t just go for the gimmick. The food is amazing too and you can’t go wrong with that mac and cheese! 😉

Craft, Joburg


  • Location: 33, 4th Avenue corner of 13th street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg
  • Opening times: Wednesday til Saturday 7am til 10pm, Sunday from 7am til 9pm, and Monday from 7am til 10pm. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • Contact details: 010 500 9908

Craft, Joburg

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