I had a friend visiting from Melbourne and I needed a restaurant that would knock his socks off. This was his third trip to Cape Town so he knows about out our fantastic foodie culture. Picking one restaurant was tricky but I think Potluck Club seriously helped me out with incredible food and massive wow-factor!

I have visited The Potluck Club a few times before but I have never done a full blog post! I normally go in the evenings which means mood lighting and crappy photos. Also any blog post with shared plate style eating takes ages to pull together because of the many many dishes! I have however shared a post on their brunch before. I love The Potluck Club Sunday brunch and would highly recommend it!

However – this time we are talking about their full menu and goodness did we do our best bet to work through it all!
The menu is divided up into our five basic tastes which are salty, sour, sweet, umami and bitter. We tried a few dishes across each taste and I highly recommend choosing a variety of dishes across different flavour profiles.

We almost didn’t order this but it was a really fantastic dish for the table to share! This is a giant masa ciabatta with chimichurri, baba ghanoush and roasted garlic. This is a fantastic start and gets everyone in the mood for sharing and pulling apart dishes. The baba ghanoush was incredible and we liberally spread it on the fresh bread! I loved the inclusion of the whole roasted garlic where the golden garlic cloves acted as a clever twist on salty butter.

We started the serious eating with these pretty little fish dishes!

These guys are the super famous Pot Luck Club fish tacos. You can’t visit The Potluck Club without having a crispy fish taco! They are even included in their Sunday brunch menu. The fish tacos are fresh and packed with many exciting flavours and ingredients! I love the tender yellowtail ceviche with the crispy taco shell and smooth creamy avo and black bean puree. I love the flavours but part of what makes this dish special is all the contrasting textures in each bite!

The second dish was a real surprise! This beauty is the ceviche with jalapeno tigers milk, quinoa, samp and masa crisp. Before you even take the first bite you are knocked over by how very lovely this dish is. This dish is again a huge champion in terms of texture! The tender ceviche with the soft quinoa and samp and the masa crisp! Just wow!
One of the most confusing things about The Potluck Club menu is what you think you’re ordering is not always what actually arrives. I don’t mean to say that the menu is deceiving it’s just that the way they play with the flavours and elements of the dish is too difficult to articulate over one line in a menu. So choose dishes based on ingredients and hold on for a surprise!

These two dishes are fighting for the top spot of best dish of the lunch. The springbok carpaccio with smoked pinenuts, burnt honey and soy dressing was exceptional. I was expecting actual pinenuts but instead the dish arrived with little clouds of smoked pinenut meringue. The dish is painted with goats cheese, topped with sweet umami springbok carpaccio and then sprinkled with fresh micro herbs. It really is a work of art – and it is pretty damn delicious to eat too! I loved the sweet tender carpaccio with the crunchy slightly bitter leaves and goats cheese. Make sure to order this dish on your next visit!

The beef tartare with Japanese apple and mustard dressing and parsnip crisps brought some serious competition! I kept finding myself getting hung up on the presentation even before I tried the first bite. I love all the Asian influences and interesting flavours that get pulled into these dishes. The tartare was some of the best I have had and I loved it paired with the crispy parnsips! Simple, elegant and delicious.

I can’t believe how much food we ate!
The smoked pork belly with kimchi apple and fermented miso cream was another brilliant dish. The pork belly was perfectly cooked and I loved the inclusion of the crunchy brocolli!
The crispy calamari with Cape Malay-Styled curried lentils was light and delicious, and the bright pink micro herbs were a perfect colour pop!

I was sad to see the Jamaican jerk chicken off the menu. However the Potluck Club Peri Peri chicken with crispy onion rings was seriously tasty and helped placate me! My best guess is that it is marinaded in yoghurt or an equivalent before based on the tenderness of the chicken. Maked with peri peri flavours and very more’ish!

Lurking at the back of the photo above is the smoked beef fillet with black pepper and truffle cafe au lait. At this point we were on our second bottle of wine and I was getting forgetful with the photos! This beef fillet just magic! The fillet is cooked to perfection and the truffle cafe au lait is so great that we all stuck our fingers in the dish to get every last drop of the sauce! This is one of the more expensive dishes on the menu but it is certainly worth it!

Somehow we managed to find room for three little desserts to share between the four of us. My biggest surprise of the lunch was that the dessert I was the least sold on was actually my favourite! The rhubarb crumble was absolutely fantastic! The menu description is pretty simple but it is actually rhubarb compote, roasted oat ice cream, ricotta custard, buttermilk and scone crumble.
This is not the rhubarb crumble your mama used to make!
The rhubarb dessert was warm, sweet and buttery and the most perfect comfort food dish. This is the perfect dish to cure a broken heart.

The malted chocolate fondant souffle with halva ice cream is perfect for the chocolate lovers with the perfect soft centre! I love halva and really enjoyed it as an ice cream flavour! The summer berry gratan with yuzu ice cream, kataifi and macha was the dish I was most excited about but it didn’t really blow my hair back. I did love the crispy kataifi with little raspberries but I found the dish to be more beautiful than delicious.

We had an AMAZING lunch at The Potluck Club and I will be sure to be back soon!


  • Location: The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 6pm til 10:30pm. Sundays from 11am til 2:30 for brunch.
  • Contact details: 021 447 0804

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