I am a delinquent blogger. I’m not particularly delinquent but lately I have been letting myself down. I love sharing my favourite things with you – I love talking about wine, about food and about exciting adventures. But lately in between life and doing the adventures the actually writing it all down has fallen through. And I’m not very bad – there is normally at least a post a week but I expect better.

For a while I was good. I used to post on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. Three days a week like clockwork was pretty good going. But lately I have been particularly delinquent.

And I truly have no great excuse. Work is winding down. And there is a ton of exciting things happening which is creating lots of great content. I mean, I do drink a lot of wine. I also drink a lot of wine over the weekend and during the day time. So by 8pm on a Sunday I’m giggling and either climbing into bed or crashed on the couch with TV series and more wine. And my lack of productive Sundays are a killer.

So I’m blaming the wine and the serious amount of fun I am having. But that is just not on! I want to share this great wine with you and tell you about all the fun! So I’m rallying again! I’m pulling out my white board and pencil’ing in when posts need to be published and I’m starting to be good all over again!

I cannot be the only blogger who feels constantly guilty. I just can’t because I know many bad ass bloggers and I know the busy lives they juggle! And its really difficult because when you’re invited to try a new restaurant or join a wine tasting and you’ve had an amazing experience you’re supposed to share it. But that pressure of not finding time – all it does is make you want to sit on the couch and drink more wine!

I can’t tell you how disappointed I get when I check in on my favourite blogs and there is no new content. But I also have to understand – because I am just as delinquent! Because content takes time! Beautifully edited photos and clever sentences without spelling mistakes and links and details takes time – more than you can imagine if you don’t play the game!

But no more ranting! No more whining! I love what I get to do – I love that I have a great job and this blog as a great love and passion. I love the stories I get to share and the people I have had the huge privileged of meeting. I have had opportunities most people couldn’t dream of and I am beyond grateful. I am grateful for every single reader, for every invite and every compliment. The blogging community is bad ass and fabulous and supporting. So I’m rallying kids! Stick around whilst I get my butt back into gear! I promise it will be worth it!

If you’d all be so kind as to let me be a little delinquent and let me be tougher of myself than anyone else could we should be alright.

To finish of my little moan I wanted to share some bloggers and specific posts I have been loving lately! That way you can read all their good stuff and not be disappointed by the lack of new posts from me!

  1. Natalie from Tails of a mermaid and her gorgeous post on Ten Slightly Unusual Things to do in Cape Town
  2. Eat Out‘s Online editor Katharine Jacobs Diary on 5 of the most delicious things I ate – and drank- this month
  3. Candice from A Gorgeous life and her stunning post on Lunch at The Pot Luck Club
  4. Liezel from 9Lives and her post on Dinner at Greenhouse
  5. Eat Out‘s fantastic post on where to find Five Great Gourmet Hotdogs in Cape Town
  6. Lisa from City by Mouth and their list of Festive Season Musts
  7. Crush’s review of Giulio’s

With my butt in gear you can expect some exciting posts around the corner including my Sauvignon Blanc adventures in Durbanville, picnics at Hartenberg, gorgeous sushi and wine tasting at Beau Constantia, The Seaside Grill at Tobagos and our highlights of the Cape Town Fest of Beer!

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