When I originally wrote about Chef’s Warehouse the 8 tapas dishes to share for two was R260. When we went the other day we had our standard order and were a little surprised with the bill. The tapas for two is now R410. So in the space of roughly a year the price has gone up by 55%? That’s a little drastic – and don’t even start with inflation and the rising cost of food prices.

I know they’re incredibly popular and even with this slowly increasing price the seats are filled every night – so maybe Liam’s regulars are not particularly price sensitive? Who knows?

Has anyone else noticed or is it just me?

The food is still amazing. Each dish is still exciting and special and a culinary adventure. I still love Liam’s food and my previous praise stands. However I am surprised to see such a price hike. We did have a wonderful dinner and the food was beautiful so I couldn’t resist sharing some of the photos!




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