We always love a visit to Beerhouse whether its for quick drinks, drunken nights out, Meet The Brewer events, or their recent beer school events.

Once a month the fantastic people over at Beerhouse host a special Meet the Brewers event. Lovers of beer are invited to come listen to and discuss the subject of beer and brewing with the people who work hard to make the objects of their adoration.

We joined them for their latest Meet The Brewer event featuring Lakeside Beerworks. We joined Lakeside at Beerhouse before but that was just for a beer and cheese pairing; this time it was the full monty with some of the best food that Roy MacAskill has sent out the kitchen yet! We’ll be talking more about the food-beer dynamic this time around; if you would like to learn more about the brewers and their history, feel free to check out our previous post.

Our tasting started with the London Ale and this was paired with caramelized pecans and blue cheese. These are the perfect sweet and salty gourmet treat which works perfectly with the light, easy drinking London Ale. This is a fantastic session beer, and one of George’s favourite first-orders when at the Beerhouse after a long day.


Next was the American Pale Ale, which was paired with a crispy black pudding and potato cake, poached hen’s egg and a chili hollandaise. I pretended I didn’t know what black pudding was and found the dish to be seriously delicious! The dense crispy base with the soft poached egg and creamy hollaindaise with a slight kick was amazing. If Beerhouse ever gets going with a Sunday Brunch menu this should definitely be the star! The more bitter flavour of the APA did a great job of combatting the richness of the dish, which in turn also tempered this bitterness to allow for more of the malt flavours to become prominent. A great pairing indeed!

Then we tried their IPA with a layered shortcrust pulled pork pie with curried channa, mango chow and savoury seeds. This was amazing! The buttery crumbly crust with tender pork was amazing. The pulled pork was so packed with flavour! If I knew how to cook this it would definitely be a winter staple in my home! Comfort food at its most delicious! The IPA is another favourite of George’s so he’s probably a bit biased, but he thought that the beer, which is very bitter even for this style, worked well with the dish. The mild carbonation helped clear the oiliness off of your palate, and the oiliness in turn helped tone down the bitterness in the beer.

Next was the Amber Ale and this was paired with a Klein Rivier Gruyere and pumpernickel rarebit and green fig preserve. Chef Roy is becoming famous for his rarebit and this one was no exception! The beer is a gentle one – made with a single hop varietal (mosaic) this beer is easy to drink and the gentle malt flavour in this beer balances well with the mild bitterness. The sweetness of the figs emphasises the bitterness in the beer, but in a good way.

Our final taster of the night was the Weiss beer that was paired with a Heffeweizen poached pear, honey and Heffeweizen sorbet. This was beautiful and a very delicate and subtle dessert that worked well with the beer, but I am starting to miss Chef Roy’s more decadent desserts such as the chocolate Stout cake! The beer is quite approachable for Weiss fans, but it is perhaps more challenging for novices. While it has a number of delicious esters on the nose and palate, this one definitely leans more towards the banana side of the fruit-bowl, which is something that can put Lager drinkers off somewhat.

We had another great night with Beerhouse and Meet The Brewer!
Make sure to join them for their next Meet The Brewer with Woodstock Brewery on the 18th of May! You can get hold of tickets here!



  • Location:  223 Long Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times:Every day from 12pm til late
  • Contact details: 021 4243370
  • Website: http://www.beerhouse.co.za/

Lakeside Beerworks

  • Location: 20 Fish Eagle Park, Kommetjie, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7975
  • Contact details: 021 783 0169
  • Website: http://www.lsbw.co.za/

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