I love love love sushi.
When people ask those stupid questions like- if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life or if you were stuck on a desert island or however they go…. my answer is always sushi!
And because of my vast love it has lead to a vast consumption of sushi.

I know all the bests, the best value, the half price times and specials and the ‘all-you-can-eat’ specials.
My new favourite has got to be Sake in Sable Square (Which is in the Canal Walk area).



Sake is not cheap.
You sit at the big sushi bar with the conveyor belt of temptation slowly rolling past.
Each plate is colour coded from about R16 to R36.
If you’re there for a quick snack- go with the individual plates.
If you’re there to have the full on Sake experience you’re going to need to pay the R139 for the ‘all-you-can-eat’ special. This feels like a big chunk of money but it is so worth it. The sushi is the freshest, its the quickest and the best quality.
I’m talking huge salmon roses, fashion sandwiches that you need to unhinge your jaw to eat and hand rolls which are better suited for the hands of giants!

So this is what you do: (because yes, all you can eat is a marathon not a sprint) You plan to go for lunch- this means you can skip breakfast in preparation and skip dinner because you will still be full by then. You then sit yourself down at the sushi conveyor belt bar and you don’t plan to move for about two hours. And don’t order drinks- that is a serious rookie error!

Most ‘all-you-can-eat’ places are sneaky- they con you with the buffet that takes forever to be refilled or they take orders that take eternity to arrive. So in between the refilling and the ordering you just get too full to eat more.
With Sake you can just keep pulling them off the conveyor belt.

The best thing about Sake Sushi is all the amazing options- from normal sushi, to special sushi with tempura prawns, or cream cheese to very cool non-sushi options like mussels, watermelon triangles, bananas deep fried in batter and sesame seed balls with chocolate inside. Amazing! High quality fish, fresh perfectly made rice and options to keep you tasting new things all day! Don’t be put off by the gruff service- they know their sushi here not their people skills.

I seem to gravitate towards the black and purple plates which are on the more expensive side with the divine sake rolls, the tempura prawn rolls, the rainbow rolls and tuna and prawn rolls with teriyaki and sweet chili sauce- toooo good!

Sake does some great sushi salads- which are great because with no rice you can eat more without getting too full. The salads aren’t on the conveyor belt- you simply have to order them with your waitress. This is an avo and prawn salad with plenty of creamy sushi mayo! absolutely wonderful! And there must be at least four prawns in this salad! such wonderful value! And hand rolls too! Just order them and they will make them for you!

And then we have some dessert options in between! To the right is the deep fried banana in some kind of batter with raspberry sauce drizzled on top! Faaantastic! And a nice change to have something sweet and light in between all the rice! On the bottom are the deep fried sesame seed balls with chocolate inside. I don’t know how they work- or what they are made of- but they are delicious!

I could not more highly recommend an ‘all-you-can-eat’ deal than Sake.
When adding up the value of my plates of my last visit it came to just under R500.

For more sushi recommendations stay tuned- because spicy seared tuna or prawn and avo hand rolls really do make the world a little more perfect!


  • Location: Sable Square next to Canal Walk
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday 12pm til 3pm and 6pm til 10pm
  • Contact details: 021 528 7586

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