Here’s my opinion on beauty bloggers:

You’re incredibly brave men and women who have the guts to share your private life with the world. You’re brave to put yourself on your blog every day whether you feel fat or tired or ugly. You’re bloggers with a passion for beauty and the fashion world. Some of you are kooky, some of you are boring and some of you ooze serious class. You work hard like every other blogger and the majority of you get diddly squat like every other blogger.

I love bloggers – I really do! Bloggers are brave, bloggers are hardworking, passionate and most of the time interesting people.

But people are people. People have different opinions, like different things and get very caught up in themselves. I personally don’t read beauty blogs. I don’t wear foundation, I don’t know anything about lip liner and I still can’t get bloody liquid eyeliner to ever look good. BUT I have the utmost respect for ALL kinds of bloggers.

I’ve prefaced my blog post with this because I feel like people are getting upset. I’m not sure why. Its not foodie blogs vs lifestyle bloggers vs beauty bloggers vs mommy blogs. And if it is that’s fucking sad and I’m not having any of it!!

Everyone is entitled to their online space and everyone is entitled to share themselves in however which way they please. I like to talk about food and wine and travel. So that’s what I do. Yesterday I was asked to show you what I wore. The lovely, kind and beautiful soul that is Lydia of greenlydia decided to show the world what she wore in a figurative sense and has challenged other bloggers to do the same.

Here is her original post – HERE

Cupcake mummy took on the challenge HERE.

And Christine of Flat White Coffee did the same HERE.

THIS IS BRAVE!! Sharing yourself in any way is brave! We are simple taking a figurative spin on a literal concept. And I think this is wonderful! I actually would really like to challenge fashion and beauty bloggers to try this! Show me your outfit of the day in emotions – I would love to see past the first layer of skin.



what I woreI can’t draw – so I used paint, googled what I actually wore and kind of made this ugly mess! Taaaa-fucking-daaa!!

I wore a little bit of guilt – I set my alarm clock for 6:30am to squeeze in a run. By 7:30am I was still in bed. Too late to run. My health and fitness is important and I feel guilty when I neglect it out of laziness.

I wore uncontrollable excitement. I am always excited – always always! You can tell me you bought new shoes and I’ll be excited for you. I’ve been excited lately because of great and exciting opportunities. I’ve been excited because I have a fancy pants event this weekend. And I’m excited because my two year anniversary is around the corner and the boyfriend has planned many surprises.

I wore love. I wear many kinds of love everyday. I wore love for the boyfriend who makes every day better. I wore love for my kind and wonderful friends. I wore love for my family who loves me even when I’m terrible. And I wore love for the world because despite all the horrible things I still believe human beings are good.

I wore constant happiness. Even on my worst days their are things to be happy about. When I wake up in the morning its the very first thing I put on.

I wore so much gratitude yesterday that I almost had a little cry in the car. (I’m super emotional just about always). Yesterday was my best friends birthday. She has been one of my closest friends since we were three years old. Yesterday I thought of how grateful I was to have such a wonderful childhood and how that is not something to be taken for granted.

I wore confidence. Confidence is powerful and very sexy. Yesterday I wore a gorgeous bodycon black and white shirt and I felt like a million bucks. And feeling confident – it really just makes you shine.

And I wore a little cat lady. As I type this I have baby cat sitting on my legs. I’m obsessed with my baby cat and her black fur is always the final touch to my outfit. Not classy – but hey!

There you have it! What I wore! If anyone takes up this challenge please tag me in it! I would love to see what you wore today! Be brave and share a little bit more!

Much love and appreciate to everyone that shares some of themselves in the Bloggersphere.


2 thoughts on “What I wore today and getting a little personal”

  1. Great read! Pathetic how easily people get all uppity about nothing.

    Anyway, it was really great to read a little bit more about you and what’s going on inside your thoughts – although reading about the yummy things that you eat and drink is fun too.


    1. Ah thanks Cindy 🙂
      I would love to see what you wore this weekend! With three babies you must always have on a dash of adventure! 🙂

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