I have mentioned a foodie bucket list before and Superette has been on my bucket list for a ridiculously long time! They have been on my list for so long that they have changed venues since they first made the list!!
A few weekends ago I finally managed a visit to Superette! And then I returned a few days later for lunch – clearly I’m a fan of Superette!

Before I even start on the food I have to make a little fuss about the venue itself! Superette is in the Woodstock Exchange in a large space in the front of the building. Sunlight pours in the windows and people watching is a treat! The restaurant has white walls, slate grey features and dark green and bright yellow features in the form of hanging plants and painted stools and chairs.

It is so incredibly cool and chic with flowers in beakers and flasks, spray painted gold pigs and bright yellow tulips that I would visit Superette just for the gorgeous venue. Luckily for me the food is also pretty darn amazing! We started with coffee which got a thumbs up from the happy boyfriend. And I had a wonderful fresh juice.

When we do breakfast we always share and we always pick one sweet and one savoury. Which covers both breakfast cravings in one swoop. The savoury was a new concept to me. I feel like I have a fairly advanced level of experience when it comes to waffles – but the sweet variety featuring ice cream and syrup. For breakfast we ordered a savoury waffle for R75 which really challenges the concept of waffles and I really loved it! The savoury waffle was made with buttermilk and goats cheese and had English spinach, crispy bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce on top. The poached egg was cooked to perfection and when broken open had a gorgeous soft yolk to run all over my waffle! The waffle itself was soft and crispy on the outside filled with little chunks of creamy and tart goats cheese – so delicious!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNow this is a breakfast to beat all breakfasts and really kicked out sugar craving for at least the morning! This is the nutella stuffed French toast for R65 with caramelised banana, bacon, mascarpone cheese and fresh berries and plenty of almond flakes. The french toast was actually a croissant french toast and it was incredibly light and flaky! And wow was it stuffed with nutella! Flaky brioche pastry, rich decadent nutella with fresh strawberries and crunchy almond flakes – I was making mmmm noises and looking like the Cheshire Cat! This has to be in my top five breakfasts ever!

And there you have it! Two happy people, one tick off a bucket list and a promise to go back very soon. I hope next time you have a quiet Saturday morning you head down to Superette for a truly amazing breakfast!

And how wonderful are their plates! Every plate has a charming little quote which reveals itself as you finish your breakfast!


  • Location: The Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Rd, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Open Monday to Friday from 8 till 3
    and Saturday from 8 till 2
  • Contact details: 021 802 5525

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