I spent a large chunk of my childhood at Kirstenbosch. My parents used to pack giant picnics, we would meet up with family friends and run around the garden while the adults enjoyed  wine in plastic wine glasses. We would catch tadpoles in the baths and rivers and smuggle them out in the now long empty wine bottles. It was such such fun.
And then we stopped going.
Then in high school we started going back to Kirstenbosch for their summer concerts and birthday party picnics on the lawn where we would drink wine in plastic wine glasses.
And then we stopped going.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe beauty of Kirstenbosch is that it keeps innovating, growing and constantly offering such high standards that will rival many of the gardens I have explored around the world.
So Kirstenbosch captured the Cape Town locals again with their new Boomslang canopy officially called the Tree Canopy Walk Way.

The boomslang lifts you up above the garden and winds you through the tree canopies offering a new perspective on the gardens and wonderful views! The 130m walkway sways – you have been warned – but it is perfectly safe! The swaying of the boomslang is actually quite wonderful as it is like the wind blowing between the tree canopies.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe view from the boomslang is wonderful with views over the Kirstenbosch gardens, the city and the back of Table Mountain. Make sure to stop along the way to read the signs filled with interesting facts.

After we visited the boomslang we took a walk through the gardens to visit a few of our childhood favourites. One of my favourites is the bird bath which runs down into a little waterfall and to a greater pond where we used to catch tadpoles.

Another favourite was the braille trail. I think its fantastic to include braille signs so that blind people can also enjoy the gardens. It is wonderfully peaceful along the braille trail with bench to sit on, leaves and trees to feel and the sound of wind whistling through the trees.

We found these along the braille trail too! Funny funny plants – huge brownie points to whoever can tell me what these bright red things are.

We had a wonderfully time at Kirstenbosch exploring both the new boomslang and visiting some old favourites!


  • Location: Rhodes Drive, Newlands
  • Opening time: seven days a week from 08h00-18h00 in winter (Apr to Aug), and 08h00-19h00 in summer (Sep to Mar).
  • Entrance cost:
    • Adults:R45
    • SA Students (with card): R25
    • Children (6 – 17 years): R10
    • Under 6 years: Free


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