SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHallelujah is a teeny tiny restaurant just of Kloof Street squeezed between The Power and The Glory and Kyoto Sushi Garden. Its not easy to describe the food that Hallelujah serves and the restaurant reviews make it more confusing. Hallelujah is not a bubbly bar and it doesn’t serve dim sum. Now you’re aaaall confused!

Hallelujah has an extensive MCC and sparkling wine list which you can order by the glass or bottle WITH dinner. Hallelujah is much too small a restaurant to just swing by for a drink and if you’re popping in for a drink you probably won’t get a table because it will be filled with the likes of me gorging myself of their incredible food.

To describe the food I’m going with new style Asian fine dining fusion. Its kind of an arbitrary description but you’re welcome to read the review and comment at the end with your food genre classification.


Hallelujah is a seriously cool restaurant – the tables are reserved with pink origami bunnies, the walls are covered in giant pink flamingo wall paper and there are bright red lobster magnets stuck all over the place. I love it and it makes me smile! 🙂

In winter dinner starts at 6pm. We arrived at 6pm and had the entire restaurant to ourselves for a little while which was brilliant! You can book for tables between four to six people. I would highly recommend booking if you’re a table of four or more because the restaurant can probably only comfortably seat 25 people at a push.

The co-owner and acting waitress for the night recommended that we ordered seven dishes between the four of us. We completely ignored her as is our restaurant fashion and ordered eleven dishes. We seriously rolled out of Hallelujah. We ordered way too much food!! It was damn delicious but I would recommend following the waitresses advice.

Our favourite dishes were surprisingly all different. There were some common denominators but still different. Recommendation? Order everything… Ya I know! I’ll try better – I’ll help you guys out. Keep reading below 😉

This is the grillen prawns on steamed buns with coriander and lime sauce for R98. This includes three prawn skewers and three buns. Let me preface this with an important food fact about me: I hate coriander. But serious coriander hate – It gives me the shivers when I have to eat it. BUT I went absolutely crazy for this coriander and lime sauce. I cannot tell you why. It was so zesty and lemony and fresh and the perfect partner for the sweet prawns. I was slathering the buns with tons of coriander and lime sauce, squeezing liberal amounts of lemon juice, unskewering prawns and stuffing my face with these buns! The was absolutely sublime pairing!

And the buns were so light and fluffy and slightly sweet. This is my idea of what a cloud would taste like on warm summer cloudy day. Outstanding!


Another must order is the lobster roll for R128. Lobster rolls are a thing of beauty- its kind of like trailer park trash mixed in with pure decadence creating something utterly indulgent. I mean come on! Who takes amazing delicious EXPENSIVE lobster and puts in on a sandwich!
The bun is a cross between a Madeira cake and a brioche bun. It is fluffy and so delicious! The lobster is so fresh and so good and with the creamy delicous mayonnaise! Just wow! And I fully agree with the menu you do NOT want to share this lobster roll. I had to share. I had lots of dirty looks.

The lobster rolls are served with a little pot of Kim Chi Slaw which is super spicy and delicious!


My next favourite is so damn difficult. Oy…

I’m going to have to go with the Vegetable Surprise for R64 which is served with barbeque sauce and cashew miso brittle. This is something else – I have never had veggies like this before! Japanese mushrooms, broccoli, and caramel candied cashews with some amazing sweet sauce. This is amazing. The vegetables used in the Vegetable Surprise changes according to what is in season.

The very close follower is the pork belly bun for R78. The pork belly was incredibly tender and slightly sweet. Again with the amazing cloud buns.



The beef short rib buns for R78 were my least favourite. But one of the boyfriends favourites. The beefs again was incredibly tender but a little stewed for my liking with all the spices on the short rib completely overpowering the meat.

The 12 hour duck and cold soba noodles for R88 was very cool and such fabulous presentation! When you open the little duck pot the smoke and stream pours out the pot like a magic trick. The duck is very tender but a little smokey and stewed. I like duck as solid pieces not pulled as you lose some of the richness of the duck.

The noddles are fresh and crunchy. I put the noodles in the extra Vegetable Surprise sauce and it was delicious!


I absolutely loved dinner at Hallelujah and I have been back already since my first visit to find it just as delicious! Hallelujah is pricey so share dishes to keep the costs down and save up your pennies because it is worth every one of them.



  • Location: 11 Kloof Nek Road, Tamboerskloof
  • Opening times: Wednesdays to Saturdays 6:30pm-11pm
  • Contact details: 079 839 2505

ALSO! They have the ugliest website in the history of websites. If you want a laugh check them out here:


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