20140126_200404Mondiall is the newest addition to the Waterfront started by Peter Tempelhoff of Greenhouse fame and international Restaurateur Patrick Symington. They must have the best view of the whole Waterfront. I love sitting outside in summer to take in beautiful Table Mountain and the twinkling lights.

Mondiall is open seven days a week, offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, tapas, cocktails and dinner. The concept of the menu is to feature timeless classics which are re-interpreted through modern touches to old favourites to create a fresh new look and taste.



Mondiall also has a gorgeous wine selection with the Muldebosch Steen op Hout 2011 Chenin Blanc for R180 a bottle. There are some very reasonably priced bottles of wine on the menu considering restaurant pricing.

After we placed our order a lovely plate of fresh bread arrived with fresh butter, olives and a creamy rich hummus.

Service is good at Mondiall but they insist on using tablets to place orders. It is beyond annoying, inefficient and slows down the process.

20140525_133743 The lunch menu didn’t include starters so we ordered tapas as an alternative. And look at all our beautiful tapas!

The garden vegetable crudite for R48 was served with cape garlic aioli. This was surprisingly delicious for a plate of vegetables. The vegetables were incredibly fresh and crisp and served at a temperature just a few degrees below room temperature so you got a gorgeous crunch when you bit into them. The plate of baby sweet corns, sugar snap peas, carrots and celery was a serious black horse.

The Caesar salad was a spin on the traditional including bacon bits, anchovies, giant Parmesan shavings and deep fried crispy free range hen’s eggs for R82. I have a severe hatred for anchovies so I couldn’t even touch a lettuce leaf that had so much as looked at the anchovies. My brother swore the Caesar salad was the best of his life and loved the deep fried egg with the liquid golden egg yolk.

The most beautiful presentation must go the glazed pork belly with pineapple pico de gallo and crackling for R65. The pork was wonderfully tender and all the fat was perfectly rendered out. The sweet and tart pineapple was the perfect partner to the rich pork belly. And everyone loves crackling!

Last but not least was the game fish tataki with jalapeno chilli and ponzu for R65. The fish was incredible tender and packed with sweet citrus flavour from the ponzu sauce. The sesame seeds added a wonderful umami element to the dish. The dish was kind of a new style sushi and was truly delicious!

Next up was the main course. The boys opted for cheeseburger and fries for R105 which is a 200g wagyu beef patty with cheese, tomato and lettuce, crispy fries and umami ketchup. The burgers are absolutely delicious with perfectly tender and medium rare burger patties. The crunchy skinny fries were perfect with the umami ketchup.

The fish and chips for R120 was ale battered hake, skinny chips, tartar sauce and ‘Yorkshire caviar’ which is pretty much mushy peas for those without British parents. This was pretty boring. The fish has very little texture and the batter lacked flavour. That being said fish and chips isn’t an especially gourmet or interesting meal. However if Mondiall’s aim is to turn traditional meals on their heads they need to do a little more work on the fish and chips.

I chose the Fish Tacos for R140 which was a soft flour tortillas, spiced cape fish, pico de gallo, guacomole and chipotle. This was tasty but not very exciting. The fish had a wonderful texture and worked well with the dish. The meal however needs more depth of flavour such as a roasted tomato and aubergine salsa to prevent such a one dimensional flavour. The pico de gallo was pretty boring too and could have done with a lot more heat to spice up the fish taco.

Dessert was delicous but sadly poorly photographed. My camera went on the fritz and I have since replaced it. Pretend the glow is a pre-dessert excitement ;)!

We ordered the Cape Malva Pudding for R57 with buchu custard, salted apricot caramel ice cream. The malva pudding with the buchu custard was almost savoury. The pudding itself was incredibly soft and light like a sponge pudding. The salted apricot caramel ice cream was absolutely delicious and my favourite of the two ice creams.

And the maple and pecan pie for R62 which included a milk ice cream, bourbon syrup, fresh strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries. The maple and pecan pie was sticky sweet and gooey exactly how a pecan pie should be! The simple milk ice cream was a good balance for the sticky sweet dessert.

We had an absolutely delicous three course lunch at Mondiall which we hope to replicate soon. Mondiall has a huge menu which we need to work through with many tapas still to try and a gnocci and risotto dish too.
Make sure to book a table with a view of Table Mountain!


  • Location: Alfred Mall, V&A Waterfront
  • Opening times: Open daily from 09:00 until 22:00
  • Contact details: 021 418 3003

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