20140614_094427Kom Sit launched in Stellenbosch on the 24th of April this year and features 24 benches dotted around the town. The art exhibit will run for a full year so you have plenty of time to visit. I have yet to see them all but every visit to Stellenbosch I tick a few more off my list. Each bench has a map to help you find the next one. The benches act as functional art which aim to challenge the idea of public seating. Its wonderful to walk around Stellenbosch – and now its even better with an art treasure hunt to follow too!


The lovely statue of the girl with the umbrella is Marieke Prinsloo’s bench entitled “You can sit under my umbrella”. Any Cape Townian worth their salt will know Marieke Prinsloo’s work from the Sea Point Promenade of a little girl in her swimsuit chasing a dragon fly. Now that her work has left the Promenade it is wonderful to still see her work in Stellenbosch.

‘Sit and Be Part of Nature’s Family’ by Stephen Rautenbach is one of my favourites. All the erratic wire work really captures the pigeon in motion! Don’t miss this one on the corner of Andringa and Dorp Street.

20140614_093929This is Kom Praat – Traveling Baboon by Wilma Cruise. This is one of the first benches I spotted and started the whole treasure hunt to track down all 24.

And here are some more discoveries on a night out in Stellenbosch. The sites are well lit by street lamps so you can still appreciate the art at any time of the day. Sadly however the photos aren’t as good!

Come to Stellenbosch and join the art treasure hunt! Happy Exploring!

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