Warwick TapasWe recently had an incredible tapas lunch at Warwick. Yes, there was lots of wine. Warwick has damn fine wine and the really good front of house manager, Lawrence, was on hand and he really knows his stuff. We asked him to recommend pairings for our tapas for two and he did in a big way!! During the summer months when the living is easy Warwick hosts the most wonderful gourmet picnics. Their picnics are one of my favourites! However, in winter to keep the living still easy they host an amazing tapas menu. I tried two of the tapas options at the recent #Stellenblog event and I was blown away. I very promptly made plans to visit and taste the entire menu – and what a brilliant idea that was! Warwick Tapas We went for the tapas for two, which includes all of the tapas from the starters on a giant board for two. It costs R240 and includes a glass of their fresh and zesty sauvignon blanc or the Three Cape Ladies for each of you. The tapas really took over our table, but we weren’t complaining! We tucked in very promptly after this quick shot and started experimenting with the wine pairings! This tapas board is seriously good value for money and we rolled out of Warwick straight into bed for a Sunday afternoon nap!

The tapas board is really amazing so I’m going to have to have different degrees of favourites. Yes – that’s not conventional. BUT – my blog = my rules. My favourite pairing of the tapas was the fish croquettes which is the chef’s spin on English style fish and chips with mushy peas, tartar sauce and stick thin potato chips with the Sauvignon Blanc. The Sauvignon Blanc is fresh and zesty with well balanced acidity, but with the pairing the Sauvignon Blanc softens even further. Truly wonderful. The fish croquettes are crispy with a very light and fresh fish filling. These are brilliant with the tartar sauce and mushy peas. And the skinny potato chips could easily be a dish on their own. (Note to Warwick: Consider offering these skinny fries as a side dish on your menu.) The exotic wild mushrooms with parmesan on top are good but not especially exciting. I got them involved with the fresh bread and Camembert dipping explained below. Maybe if they were served with mini pancakes and some asian style glaze…. ooooh…

The baked Camembert! This is a very special dish. It is kind of like your own baby fondue. I have been in a very happy relationship for two years but almost growled at my boyfriend when I thought he was taking more than his half of the Camembert. For the record- he DID take more than his half of the Camembert! This was the boyfriend’s favourite dish and he wants me to inform you of the correct eating procedure. You need to slice your Camembert through the middle and then take your slices of bread and dip them through the hole you’ve just created. He’s not wrong. The gooey, creamy, and truly decadent Camembert is warm and squishy and best eaten melted over french stick. This is truly a lunch time indulgence of note. And super messy! Lots of melted cheese all over my fingers! We paired the Camembert with the White Lady Chardonnay, which is a rich, buttery, creamy Chardonnay that I favour. The Chardonnay with the Camembert was a perfect pairing as they both softened the flavours of the wine and removed some of the richness from the cheese. A wine pairing made in heaven. On that note – a heaven filled with White Lady Chardonnay and baked Camembert does sound rather perfect.

Warwick makes the best chicken liver pâté in the world. I can say this because I have eaten many, many pâtés! And this really is the best – the right amount of warmth from a little spiciness, creamy, buttery-smooth with the perfect sticky-sweet onion marmalade balance. And – to firm up my claim of the best pâté – the boyfriend does not like pâté – but he loves this pâté. What does that tell you? Perfect balance, perfect pâté. I offered to sleep with the Chef at Warwick for this recipe. He didn’t take me up on this offer. Goodness, how I would love to get my hands on this recipe! It would be all I ate! The pâté with the onion marmalade was the star of the tapas show for me. The last of our five tapas was the pulled pork tacos which was wonderfully paired with the Three Cape Ladies. The pork was surprisingly savoury for a pulled pork taco, which I have come to expect as slightly sweet and spicy. However despite the unexpected flavour the pork was incredibly tender and soft. The veggies served with the pork were sweet, which made it more like a pulled pork taco in my mind. The Three Cape Ladies was a killer pairing with the pork. We’ve bought a couple of bottles and hope to create this pairing at home!

After the tapas for two we were very full. But even on my best days I’m an absolute glutton and couldn’t resist the Plate of Chocolate Decadence for R55. This is a plate of all things chocolate! Chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream balls, chocolate soil and caramel popcorn and macarons. It is rich and delicious and perfect for sharing. I loved the crunchy soil with the cold cream ice cream and sweet caramel popcorn. The mini brownie bites were very gooey and dense – just how I like brownies! The only disappointment of the dish was the macaron which was on the crunchy side. I think the solution is just that they need to make a fresher batch of macarons more frequently.

So now there is no need for tears that the summer picnics are over because the tapas menu more than makes up for it! And you can still always have wine ;)! This gorgeous lunch was complimentary thanks to Warwick. They have decided to spoil you all too with a voucher to replicate my experience! The voucher includes wine tasting, a cellar tour followed by lunch and a complimentary bottle of wine for two!

Here’s what you need to do: Tweet – “Winter time means tapas at ! Win a complimentary lunch for 2 w/ : . !”
Make sure to be following me at @2muchloveliness and Warwick at @WarwickWine! Competition closes Friday the 13th of June. Best of Luck!


  • Location: R44 between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts
  • Opening times: Everyday from 9am til 5pm.
  • Contact details: 021 884 4410

11 thoughts on “Warwick for Tapas”

  1. Had to laugh for the camembert part hahaha!!! 🙂 this sounds absolutely idyllic. I would love to experience it with my boyfriend and thanks for the amazing review. It truly wonderfully and well written! 🙂 entered and so so soooooo hoping to win 🙂 🙂 @babybbzz 🙂

  2. Done and now I wait my prize! Just email me I am very available and love Warwick wines.

  3. Getting In serious trouble entering this comp whilst watching game of thrones with the bf… Cardinal sin I’m willing to break to win this. Warwick is beyond spectacular, and holds special memories for me! Winter is coming and I need this prize!

  4. Posted my comment last night but think it got lost in the mail! 🙂 Nearly got in big trouble for posting whilst watching Game of Thrones with the boy – cardinal sin! Warwick is a spectacular place with the most amazing food, went there last to celebrate the life of my BFs granddad who recently passed and it was the most incredible place to be with friends and family!

    “Winter is coming?”…oh no.. think its safe to say it is HERE, and red wine and tapas sounds like the best way to spend a lazy winter afternoon!


  5. #WarwickWine is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I would love to share this incredible experience with my mom 🙂 Thank you for the great post @toomuchloveliness

  6. Would love love love to visit Warwick and try their amazing wines…LOVE the White Lady and their Cab Franc is on my bucket list. Nice Winter tapas would be awesome 🙂

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