I finally get to share with you my very hard work. It has taken months of sushi eating, soya sauce dipping and tuna crunch crunching to finally give you my recommendation of what to order at Nuri Sushi. This was very selfless of me – eating all this sushi just for your benefit ;)!

I visited Nuri Sushi Factory in their early days of opening for a sit down lunch. But when you add in the takeaway element its a whole new ball game!

Their takeaway sushi is all about the little touches. Packing the teriyaki sauce seperately for drizzling makes a huge difference ensuring the sushi is always fresh, plenty of ginger so even the most obsessed of us never for short and pretty little paper boxes holding the gems.

Here’s what you need to order for two:

– 1 x Volcano Roll (6 pieces for R45)

– 1 x Rock Shrimp Roll (8 pieces for R54)

– 2 x Rainbow reloaded (totals 8 pieces for R70)

– 1 x Salmon roses reloaded (4 pieces for R44)

Don’t question this. Place you’re order and I’ll explain afterwards.

I think Nuri sushi needs to add this to their menu and call it the Toomuchloveliness for two. Would make my ordering process much quicker!

Of the above the Volcano Roll is the favourite – we save it for last! A little like sushi dessert. 🙂 The Volcano Roll is tempura fried futamaki stacked and layered with spicy mayo and Nuri-yaki sauce topper with tempura crumbs, caviar and spring onions. It really is like dessert – crunchy tempura, with sweet creamy salmon, sweet sticky teriyaki sauce, creamy mayo and crunchy spring onions. Just so delicious – all the best California sushi style options combined. Of the Nuri menu – this is my favourite.

nuri1 - rainbow reloadedThe next favourite is a tie of three! Yes – the options are just that damn good!!

I’m going to start with the rainbow reloaded roll because YUM! These rainbow reloaded rolls are on par with both Willoughby’s, Andy’s and Sushi Box. Rainbow reloaded rolls are one of my favourite sushi choices. They are tuna California rolls wrapped in tuna and salmon topped with Japanese mayo and caviar drizzled with Nuri-yaki. The fresh fish of such high quality is really apparent from these well constructed little rolls.

These are the pretty little triangles are the rock shrimp rolls. They are spicy tuna California rolls covered with chives topped with spicy little deep fried rock shrimp ‘nuggets’ sprinkled with spring onions and sesame seeds. For me this is two-for-one sushi. I get to eat the little crispy prawn first and then the spicy creamy tuna triangles.

The last on my perfect order of four is the little salmon roses reloaded hiding in the corner. These are sweet little salmon roses topped with creamy spicy prawns, chilli bean mayo, Nuri-yaki sauce and tempura crumbs. These tiny little tempura crumbs really make this dish. The prawn mayo with the smooth salmon and rice is perfectly offset but the crunchy spicy bites.

What have I learned from my many orders? Some sushi is brilliant – but you need to eat it as it is prepared. This is generally true of the tempura variety. The Crunch is a box made up of 5 pieces of tuna crunch, 5 pieces of prawn crunch and 3 pieces of of tempura prawn for R65. This is a great box and serious value for money. But my recommendation would be to eat this box at sushi. The tempura

What’s your favourite from Nuri Sushi? Am I missing something from my must order list?



  • Location: 8 Parliament street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday: 12pm- 9pm
  • Contact: 021 461 8719

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