I played a very sneaky trick on my boyfriend the other day. I promised him cupcakes and coffee – so off we went to the Lock Stock Design Market for cupcakes and coffee. He was very happy with the cupcakes and coffee- and finished every last crumb of the brilliant cupcakes with much satisfaction. I then told him they were vegan and gluten free. He was not amused – but he’d already said how delicious they were!

I’ve had some seriously terribly vegan and gluten free cupcakes and it’s brilliant to see a tasty alternative. I’m neither vegan or gluten sensitive I just find it interesting what bakers can come up with when all the conventional ingredients are thrown out the window.

20140329_091330Love & Spoon Me Cake is a whole new cupcake concept which I really love. I’m a cupcake fan but I always struggle with the icing to cupcake ratio. There’s too much icing for the top bites and too little left for the bottom bites! With Love & Spoon Me Cake they have that problem solved. Each cupcake arrives in a dainty little cupcake holder with a little designer black spoon. So its like a cupcake pudding! You get to spoon the cupcake and icing together for the perfect icing to cupcake ratio.

They offer three flavours: coconut, chocolate and seasonal berry. We tried the coconut and chocolate cupcakes at the Lock Stock Design Market at the Woodstock Exchange. They sadly didn’t have any berries because sadly they were completely unseasonal! But I hope to try their seasonal berry cupcakes soon. The coconut was my favourite due to my crazy obsession with coconut – light and creamy and vanilla’ry goodness! The chocolate cupcakes are for serious chocolate lovers – super dark chocolate and decadent with almost a chocolate mousse icing.


These guys should be marketed as brilliant cupcakes that just happen to be vegan. You could take a normal non-vegan cupcake and a vegan cupcake and in the showdown you wouldn’t be able to guess which one was vegan. In fact the Love & Spoon Me Cake would most probably be better. And that is proof of successful baking! You can throw all the conventional ingredients away and you’re still left with a brilliant cupcake.

To get your hands on these lovely cupcakes you can drop Cupcake Richard an email and order a box of 12 for R210. The cupcakes will be delivered to your door in a beautifully stamped box with 12 pretty heart spoons. You can have the box of 12 as half and half of two flavours if you struggle with choices!!

If I haven’t convinced you to buy a whole box of twelve look out for them at the Lock Stock Design market at the Woodstock exchange where you can buy single cupcakes.

20140329_091428Watch out for Cake Bomb Friday which is where you can nominate someone awesome to be bombed with a box of 12 cupcakes! I love it!

Click here for more details about Cake Bombing!


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