I have heard whispers of Four & Twenty Cafe from my very well to do friends who meet for coffee and wear things in shades of cream and shop at Country Road. I meet for drinks followed by tapas, I ruin cream shirts with ice cream drips and wine sloshing and I think Country Road is for tall women with small boobs. I’m not part of the ‘ladies who lunch’. But Four & Twenty is not just for those women. Four & Twenty is also for us big boob’ed wine sloshers! And goodness is it pretty!

They have pretty cups of coffee, pretty rose petals everywhere and the pretties pastries you’ve ever seen. The food is delicious, the menu is imaginative and the coffees come with heart cookies.

This is the EGGS BELICIOUS  which is Two Free-range Poached Eggs, Hollandaise & Confit Baby Tomatoes served on Ciabatta toast with Crispy Bacon for R65. Of our group of 6 this was ordered by 3 making it the most popular breakfast choice of our table. The hollandaise was light and creamy and the poached eggs were cooked to perfection. And everyone loves crsipy bacon – and this stuff was crispy! This is a delicious breakfast and would be my choice for my next visit.

I ordered the EGGS BE-LEAN which is Two Free-range Poached Eggs on an Aubergine, Mushroom & Truffle Rosti with Confit Baby Tomatoes & a light Yoghurt Hollandaise for R65. Breakfast took 40+ minutes to reach out table and when I enquired with the waitress she told us that it was due to the Eggs Be-Lean requiring extra time and that the menu said this. I definitely didn’t see this and wouldn’t have ordered it if I had known it would have taken 40 minutes to arrive. So just a heads up if you’re looking for a quick breakfast.

For a really pretty place – this is not a good looking breakfast. The aubergine, mushroom and truffle rosti looks burnt and blacked but I was reassured that it wasn’t. Luckily it is pretty tasty! The rosti is phenomenal with lots of flavour but it super rich because of the truffle oil. I love anything with truffle oil so I was very happy with the rosti. The light yoghurt hollandaise sauce is because of this movement towards more healthy eating and it nice to have a delicious breakfast option served a little lighter.

If you’re not looking for a big cooked breakfast a single vanilla bean scone with homemade jam and Chantilly Crème is a wonderful option for R28. The scone is light and buttery perfect with lots of jam and cream!

Every breakfast I have I compare to my very favourite – the beautiful Hemelhuijs. No one has yet to beat it and Four & Twenty didn’t either. However Four & Twenty does deserve a spot on my breakfast spot roster for their delicious food and baked goods.

However there is not a chance I would be able to get my boyfriend through the doors of Four & Twenty which is a girly paradise. This is definitely a spot for breakfast and lunch with the girls.

I think my biggest let down was just how slow the service was and how slow it was getting breakfast to the table. I will be back for another visit to see if I caught them on a off day in terms of service.

I’ve heard Four & Twenty can break the bank. Not really – R65 for breakfast in such a gorgeous setting for a treat on a Friday morning is not excessive. I wouldn’t be having breakfast at Four & Twenty every morning but in the same way I wouldn’t eat out at Hemelhuijs for breakfast every morning.

Not to be missed is their gorgeous treats behind the glass counter. These were actually the highlight of my visit! And they are happy to box them up for a takeaway. I opted for the most beautiful raspberry, lime and coconut mini cakes for R45 each. They are so beautiful and would make a pretty little gift all on their own. Inside the little cake was moist and lots of creamy buttery raspberry icing. Delicious!

I also got some take away ‘Outrageously chewy chocolate cookies’ for R8 each and they seriously lived up to their name. These are my favourite cookies going forward – chewy and melt in your mouth.

Note: I have since been back to Four & Twenty many many times and their Oriental Eggs Be-lean is outstanding and my favourite breakfast order! We are talking pan fried exotic mushrooms topped with two poached eggs, Indonesian-Umami Hollandaise and plenty of sesame-crusted crispy bacon! This is seriously a flavour sensation! At R95 it is pretty pricey for breakfast but goodness it makes up for it in sheer delicious’ness!


  • Location: 23 Wolfe Street, Chelsea Village, Wynberg (Next to Maynardville)
  • Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday: 8am to 5pm and Sunday: 9am to 4pm
  • Contact details: 021 762 0975
  • Note: Bookings only for tables of 6 or bigger.

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