I love El Burro buuut. There’s always a but. El Burro makes the best authentic Mexican food in Cape Town. Hands down, no contest, I’m obsessed. Their ingedients are the best quality and they serve the most fantastic food. Buuuut – all this quality and top notch ingredients warrants a high price. Sadly my budget does not accomodate weekly dinners at El Burro. When I’m a grown up it will. But for now I have El Burro’s lunch special.

Their lunch specials run during week days excluding public holidays and stadium event days from 12pm til 4pm. The lunch specials are a range of items on a special menu which are more affordable options. The menu changes to keep up with availability and seasonality of the ingredients.

One of my favourites which is always on the lunch special menu is the linefish build your own tacos. This is a choice of corn or flour tortillas with pickled red onion, guacamole, sour cream, fresh tomato salsa, roast tomato salsa and lightly battered linefish with chili, garlic and coriander.

Now you’ve just read the word coriander and you’re either smiling or grimacing. I hate hate hate coriander. But with this battered linefish it is no big deal. The coriander is perfectly subtle when mixed up with all the other flavours.

And its served with beans and rice – as if you weren’t full already! This is definitely good value for money!

The fillings served with the tortillas are amazing – the zingy sharp pickled red onions work amazingly with the rich battered fish, the roasted tomato salsa has you spooning it out the pot and the sour cream is a perfect partner for the fish. The fish is just wow. Seriously fresh – not the tiniest bit fishy! The fish batter is light and crunchy with the fish being tender and cooked to perfection. This fish taco can show the Pot Luck Club a thing or two (And I’m a big fan of the Pot Luck Clubs fish taco).

The lunch special menu has some amazing options – you’re going to have to trust my advice and go and explore the menu for yourselves. I can highly recommend the ceviche, the pork carnitas and anything involving calamari.

And don’t forget to order your Las Paletas mexican ice lollies which are R30 for two. The perfect end to a Mexican feast. 🙂

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