The Wild Oats Community Farmers Market can be found on the N2 just as you’re about to exit Sedgefield. The market is run every Saturday morning which makes for a perfect breakfast or brunch stop. I went with very low expectations and was blown away! That will teach me for being a city snob! The market was packed with some serious gems – fresh fruit juices, big breakfast fry ups, fresh produce, gourmet baked goods and artisan treats.

This market is a must stop if you’re on a road trip up or down the coast on a Saturday morning. We stopped on our way down from Keurbooms for an early breakfast.

For breakfast most of us opted for Il de Pain’s Butterkuchen which is a German style cake which is soft and buttery and covered with flakes of toasted almonds and drizzled with honey. Its pretty decadent as far as breakfasts go and absolutely delicious. We counteracted the breakfast of cake with healthy fresh juices. The pomegranate juice is outstanding and the juices are semi frozen so make for great slushy juices for hot mornings. The passionfruit juice was also fantastic and the lemon and lime was super refreshing and zesty!


The more sensible breakfast eaters went with rolls, omelets and take away cups of coffee. They were very happy with their choices but I’ll take cake any day! We then needed to hit the road again so stocked up on plenty of snacks! We found the most incredible biltong with the intention of eating some on the trip down and the rest for back home. The biltong never made it home – we ate all of it because I was just that damn good!

We also bought plently of cookies and blocks of fudge. There is a fudge stall with what must be twenty flavours! It’s crazy – and brilliant to try all the unusual flavours!


  • Location: 1.5 kilometres west of Sedgefield town centre, along the N2. Just look for the Sedgefield Market, Wild Oats sign.
  • Opening times: Saturday Mornings all year. 7:30 til 11:30 in summer and 8:00 til 11:30 in winter.
  • Contact details:

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