20140412_150223The very best way to spend summer is overlooking Camps Bay under a large white umbrella with a Pimm’s in reach at The Roundhouse’s Rumbullion. The Rumbullion is the outside dining area of The Roundhouse and whilst still maintaining its same level of quality, good service and incredible food tones the formal atmosphere down to more of a casual picnic. We arrived on the most gorgeous day for a very luxurious lunch. After Pimm’s, beer, glasses of Champagne and plenty of food we rolled out of there! The Rumbullion has been one of my favourite lunches of the summer season and not just because of the view!

The Pimm’s (R48) was absolutely delicious and I should have gone with the whole jug because it was outstanding! Do you know what happiness tastes like? It tastes like sour green apple slices that have been soaked in Pimm’s. Therefore I didn’t order Pimm’s I ordered a glass of happiness. I told the boyfriend that The Rumbullion had a brilliant craft beer list – he didn’t believe me. That is because he is turning into a beer snob of note. However he was pleasantly surprised and I was smugly correct – they do have a brilliant craft beer list.

20140412_132923We ate a ridiculous amount of food – I have no regrets but goodness did we have to roll out of there! The menu is presented as a tick box list and you are given pencils to tick your order. I got carried away with the ticking and ordered a large Roundhouse Bakery Ciabatta (R32), caramelised onion pate (R60), truffle cream cheese (R65), Black Forest ham (R80), Fairview Camembert (R60) AND a Cajun chicken, olives, sundried tomato and mushroom pizza (R98). Yes there was just two of us for lunch, and yes there was a takeaway needed.

I always find Black Forest Ham to be the best mechanism for a restaurant to rip you off. I have come to expect to pay R50 for about 4 pieces of ham. I have accepted this level of disappointed. That is why I almost feel of my chair when almost a whole pig arrived on my plate for only R80. The Rumbullion is the first restaurant I have ever been to that hasn’t been mean with the Black Forest Ham. There was so much delicious ham that we were double laying our ciabatta rolls! Now that is something special for a South African restaurant!

Another thing that sets The Rumbullion apart is their cheese presentation. I ordered a Fairview round of Camembert expecting just a round of Camembert but no it arrives accompanied by a completely complimentary side of delicious lemon preserve to pair with the cheese. That is value and that is going above and beyond the expected. And I feel that principle of going above and beyond really embodies The Rumbullion experience.

Now let me tell you about my highlight of the lunch. The truffle cream cheese :). I’m a massive truffle fan so this was a must order and I was not disappointed! That giant pot of truffle cream cheese could have been my only order and been presented with a silver spoon for eating out the jar! The truffle flavour was subtle and sublime. I covered the ciabatta bread with truffle cream cheese, double layered black forest ham and had to close my eyes whilst eating from the sheer flavour delight.

The caramelised onion pate was the favourite of the boyfriends and I felt it paired wonderfully with the camembert. Now here’s a secret – don’t go sharing this one – if you ask very nicely and pay R20 you’re allowed to take the glass jars home with the remaining spread. I have been eating crackers covered in cream cheese all week!

20140412_133540For me the pizza was the let down of the lunch. The ingredients on top of the pizza were outstanding the cajun chicken with the sweet tart tomatoes and the rich mushrooms was delicious. We ordered into minus the olives due to preference. But the pizza base was all wrong. The pizza base was crumbly like stale bread and not at all what you would expect of a pizza. It didn’t really matter because due to our huge order we ended up taking half the pizza home with us!

Our lunch was wonderful and finishing it with a glass of Champagne was just perfect. The service was very attentive and the kitchen turnaround time was quick. The Rumbullion is an absolute treat. This weekend (25th – 27th of April) is their last for the summer season so I would highly recommend a visit before it is too late!

They will be closed for winter from the 1st of May til the 1st of October 2014.
Booking is highly recommended.


  • Location: Round House Road (off Kloof Road), The Glen, Camps Bay
  • Opening times: Breakfast on Friday – Sunday 09h00 – 11h30, Lunch on Tuesday – Sunday 12h00 – 16h00 and Pizzas & sundowners on Tuesday – Saturday 16h00 – sunset and Sunday 16h00 – 18h00
  • Contact details: 021 438 4347

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  1. Hi Tahlia, thanks so much for your post. We’ve passed your suggestions re the pizzas on to our kitchen for investigation. We’re constantly striving to improve our recipes and dishes for your dining pleasure. Your feedback was most welcome. Have a lovely afternoon, and we hope to see you at our tables for Winter Lunch, launching soon!

    – The Roundhouse Team

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