Sushi Box must be the most beautiful sushi spot I have ever visited. They have the most gorgoues red, black and white colour scheme with a ceiling covered in white paper lanterns and many paintings of abstract gold fish on the wall. It is modern, and classy and striking simple. Luckily it isn’t just a pretty place – they made pretty damn good sushi too. I’ve been three times in the past little while and have slowly worked out the perfect order. I’ll run you through my previous orders and present the best combo at the end.

Sushi boxWhat you’re looking at is the crispy tuna roll, dynamite roll and the Fusion Box. Beautiful venue and really beautiful sushi. I love the little micro leave sprigs they decorate across the top of the sushi. My only complaint is how damn confusing the menu is. The menu gives you the names of the sushi dishes but zero description. I have a great food memory but every time I visit I have to recheck with the waitress about what I’m ordering due to the basic menu.

Of the order the Dynamite rolls was the super star. The dynamite is 6 giant maki roll with salmon, prawn and avo which is tempura’d and covered in a sweet delicious mayo and a sticky teriyaki glaze for R81. This is a two bite kind of sushi roll no matter your jaw unhinging ability. This is delicious, crunchy, creamy sushi roll – and really one of my favourite sushi choices ever. I consider the Dynamite roll on par with the volcano from Nuri Sushi.

The Fusion Box is made up of four loaded rainbow rolls, five crispy salmon rolls and two salmon roses for R96. The loaded rainbow rolls was the best of the box and is absolutely brilliant. The fish used is incredibly fresh and of top quality. The loaded rainbow is a perfect combination of creamy avo, sweet teriyaki and brilliant fish. What really sets loaded rainbow rolls apart from the rest is the quality of the fish and the texture of the price. And Sushi Box has it spot on.

Sadly their salmon roses are not spot on. They are quite little, the rice center is packed too tightly and the fish is cut too thick.

I tried both the crispy salmon rolls and the crispy tuna rolls. They were both delicious – but of the two the crispy tuna was the better one. The creamy richness of the tuna made a better pairing with the crispy tempura.

For my next visit we stuck with the Dynamite roll and it was as good as before. We decided to work our way further through the menu. This order also included the Rock Shrimp roll and the Bam Bam Bomb.

The rock shrimp roll is ten tuna and avo California rolls with 8 tempura prawns chopped on top with more of that delicious creamy mayo for R92. This is amazing – and there is so much tempura prawns. Normally with a rock shrimp roll you get teeny tiny bits of tempura prawns – with Sushi Box you get 8 giant prawns which are cut up into about three pieces which means the rolls are covered in lots of tempura prawn pieces. These are hands down the best rock shrimp rolls I have ever had.

The Bam Bam Bomb is a tempura prawn and avo California roll with seared spicy tuna on top. This is a brilliant combination and the roll is spicy and crunchy and fresh. This is a great choice especially if you’re a spicy tuna fan like me. Compared to the other two dishes – this was the more simple, cleaner and fresher choice.

20140410_182639Alright – now you want to know the perfect order. This is the perfect order for two. Sushi is always for sharing 🙂

Here you go:

1 x Dynamite Roll (R81)

1 x Rock Shrimp roll (R92)

1 x Loaded Rainbow roll (R81)

Sushi Box makes gorgeous sushi, with beautiful decor – but sadly that comes at a cost. Sushi Box is a little pricey which prevents in from become a weekly sushi spot. But I visit as often as my budget allows.

Another problem I have with Sushi Box is the ice. I hate to say bad thing about a restaurant. I try my best to be fair, to understand a mistake and to not expect the world. When you arrive at Sushi Box there’s a big jug of water and glasses on your table. The water tastes oily – its really quite gross. This was my first visit. On my second visit we worked out it was the ice making the water taste terrible. I brought it up with the manager hoping he would fix the situation. On my third visit the water was still filled with oily tasting ice.

My recommendation is to ask for a jug of water without ice. The water is just fine – avoid the ice.


  • Location: Shop 8, Cardiff Castle (behind Wine Concepts),
    Corner of Kildare Road and Main Street, Newlands.
  • Opening times: Tuesday til Sunday from 11am-8pm
  • Contact details: 021 674 0820
  • The don’t have a liquor license so make sure to bring your own if you’d like to have an alcoholic drink.

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