Oranjezicht market Oranjezicht market

Oranjezicht market Oranjezicht market Oranjezicht marketThe Oranjezicht City Farm & Market is a sneak peak into a future that learnt to embrace and reconnect with its past. The farm is about bringing a community together and celebrating urban culture and local food. It is beautiful and charming and such a treat to find in the middle of a suburb. Residents buy mini plots in the City Farm and then grow vegetables and herbs. You then have an opportunity to harvest the produce and buy what you harvested. Now every city slicker can be a farmer!

The City Farm is wonderfully charming with beautiful views, scary scarecrows and benches with kind words written across the top of them.

On Saturdays the Oranjezicht City Farm also hosts a market and it is definitely one of my favourite markets. I really don’t want to share this little gem with you as the market is lovely, peaceful and devoid of mass crowds. So the point is – be jealous, be inspired, but don’t come! I want the market all to myself! The market is held outside with the stalls underneath a giant gazebo. There is plenty of grass and benches to sit on for soaking up the atmosphere.

Our Saturday morning started off with a stroll through the farm with me gasping at every aubergine, pumpkin and ripe tomato in site. I really am such a city kid! It really is delightful to see the effort and hard work of a community very literally grow into something tangible and edible. The walk through the farm has got to be good for your soul, with children running amok: shoes off and hair flying, couples young and old sitting on benches holding hands and green growing things everywhere.

One of the things I hate at markets is jaded sellers. The ones who just glare at you when you walk up to try their hummus / dips / cheeses. They don’t want to make any effort because they’ve already decided you’re not buying anything and just stealing their samples. I didn’t find a single jaded seller at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market! My first positive experience was with the ladies of Wilde at Heart with their amazing cordials. Whilst walking passed we got pulled over for tasters and the full story. The boyfriend loved their amazing fresh ginger cordial. I am a huge fan of their Victorian rose geranium cordial with a bottle currently sitting in my fringe. The buchu cordial is a must try because its interesting and new and actually damn delicious.

All through the market you will find proudly South African ingredients from the buchu cordial and the num num berries and up to the spekboom pickle. It is wonderful to see some exciting South African products shining through.

The boys who joined me for the market were amused by everything vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and health inclined. If you’re on any kind of health kick, have any allergies or choose a meat-free diet this market is going to be your sweet spot. Never before have I seen one place so alternative food-choice friendly.

Breakfast was in two parts – the healthy vegan falafels with spekboom and carrot pickle and then the gourmet meaty burgers. The falafels, from Kos, were hell of a boring and very dry but all the extra bits were outstanding. The spekboom and carrot pickle was zingy and fresh and combined with the roasted vegetables and tzatziki were just wow!

The burgers are seriously where it’s at. Don’t worry that it’s breakfast! Burgers are anytime kind of foods! And these guys are really special burgers from Inside & Your Out. Their beef is grass feed and locally sourced and their burgers are fucking fabulous! And here is where they are special – the patties are filled with delicious ingredients (with the ingredients being cheese!)! Yes! Now you get the name! These guys pictured here are The Sliders which are two for R30. The tender patty combined with lots of caramelised onions and a barbeque kind of sauce made for a damn fine breakfast.

The also offer full sized burgers – a bacon & avo variety, blue cheese and poached pears (have you ever!) and a gorgeous portobello mushroom with peppers and feta for the vegetarians. I will be back very soon to work my way through their entire menu!

And then there was dessert! Every Saturday breakfast needs dessert so don’t even start up the judgement. Now these guys are brilliant and I feel are sitting on a goldmine! They are the NitroCreamy and they make the ice cream from scratch in front of you! Brilliant – I told you! Their scientific formula is : local cream + real ingredients + liquid nitrogen = amazing ice cream. Now this is science I can really get!

We had the most amazing honey and fig ice cream with crumbled honey comb on top. It was absolutely outstanding! The ice cream is really thick, creamy and rich. You get quite a small tub for R25 but its more than enough! This stuff is delicious and a must try even just for the novelty of watching your ice cream being made in front of you!

So there you have it – my new market obsession!

What’s your South African market favourite?



  • Location: Upper Orange St, Cape Town
  • Opening times: every Saturday 9am to 2pm (all weather)
  • Contact details: http://www.ozcf.co.za/


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