E-flyer_FINAL_PrintThe other half of Toomuchloveliness is a HUGE beer fan. This half of Toomuchloveliness is the hidden side, he’s the support team and the editor. If you scroll back to some older posts you will see my spelling and grammar ain’t so hot! But this side of Toomuchloveliness is coming out of the shadows to share his serious passion for beer with all of us.

His first post is going to cover the amazing Meet the Brewer with Beerhouse. No, we don’t start small! Meet the Brewer is a series of monthly interactive beer events where you have the opportunity to meet the Brewers behind the beers you love. This month will be featuring Lakeside Beerworks, a microbrewery out in Kommetjie. These guys started out of their garage and have now turned into a success story, so any home-brewers or aspiring beer makers should definitely be in attendance for some inspiration and beer making tips.

Added bonus: the tasting is free! And who says no to a free beer?

For those of us looking for something new and exciting within the beer world there is a pairing of Lakeside Beerworks’ beers with cheese! From my googling I have learnt that beer and cheese is made from the same process. There’s an explanation about cows and grass and these things, but I zoned out. The conclusion of the cows and the grass and the same process is that beer and cheese make a damn fine combination!

The cheese and beer pairing is R150 per person and tickets need to be bought before hand from Webtickets. Here is the link: http://webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=410017276

The event is at Beerhouse in Long Street on Monday the 14th of April and starts at 6pm til 8pm. Don’t be late! You’re going to want to be front row and center for this tasting!

Poster stolen with permission from the Beerhouse website. Check them out HERE

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