The City Bowl Market can be found in a big old building half way up Hope Street on a Saturday morning and afternoon. Once a month the normal market adds on a fashion section with sellers of vintage kinda clothes, crazy hats, jewellery and even masquerade masks.

The fashion market can be found upstairs. Lots of too cool for school indie people in granny cardigans and laughable shoes. It’s really a mix bag of what you’ll find. Some the stuff is designed by the labels, some of it is saved from various 2nd hand stores round Cape Town and some of it just appears to be 2nd hand and not saved at all. If you have a look though- you can find some very cool things. There are definitely some hidden gems. I managed to pick up some beautiful pastel skirts this summer for not very much money at all.

Last time I was at the market I bough about 4 pendents on long chains from Little Bow Peep. They are very pretty and very lovely. I have ones with scissors, boats, owls, leaves- the list goes on. They also sells lovely button earrings too- all very girly and happy. And now they’ve broken into the menswear market with bow ties and ties.

Here are the beautiful masquerade masks we spotted in the fashion market. Someone needs to throw an extravagant themed party so I have an excuse to buy one!
After the shopping you are ready for the food market. My regular stop is Salad Lover which makes the most incredible healthy, colourful and interesting food.
The lady who runs the stall is an absolute peach- and is always laughing at me as I stress over what to choose.
The first step in the choice step is pita or plat. Pita involves 3 salad choices in a pita for R35 or Plate which is 4 salad choices for R45. I generally go with the Pita- because yum, who doesn’t love bread?
The menu changes every weekend with what’s in season or whats freshest.
If those options don’t sound amazing enough pair it with the visual:

After much umm’ing and aah’ing I went with the orange and cashew nut salad, the roasted veggie lentil salad with halumi and the pear and bean sprout salad.
End result: half eaten before I had the will power to stop and take a photograph!
This yummy brunch snack is best eaten with the Lemonata from the lovely lady with the incredible accent. The lemonade is fresh and sharp and sweet at the same time. Really great fresh home made lemonade. To eat the brunch you need to set up a serious strategy. You need to hunt down an available space at the long wooden tables placed in the middle of the market. Once a spot is located, you need to attempt a contortionist act of climbing on to the hay bails and then once this is achieved you seem good to go. Unless you fall off… Which I do – because I’m beyond useless!

The guys at South China Dim Sum Bar are a busy lot at the CBM. Due to the constant queues I decided it was time to try the pot stickers. The pot stickers are R28 and are fried up in front of you ensuring extra fresh, hot and crispy. They really are worth the wait! Just so delicious! I had my potstickers with hoisin sauce which added a great earth peanut flavour to the sticky steamed outside and delicious inside. They have a South China Dim Sum Bar restaurant in Long Street which is absolutely amazing. It is my favourite dim sum spot in Cape Town and I would highly recommend a visit.
We implemented a new policy that we have to try a different stall every other time we go! Brilliant! Who knew we were so smart! That way we get to work our way through the stalls.This time I tried Cypres Foods (I think this is what they are called-it’s a little vague).
I had these amazing long Greek things. I feel stupid not being able to tell you what they were! But there were something that involved chickpeas and possibly spinach and some other herbs too. They were served with lots of tzatziki- which was some of the best I’ve ever had- super fresh and crunchy cucumber.
5 of my long Cyprus things and all that tzatziki for only R35- what a steal!
The other new food try was a healthy kind of pizza things from Earthshine. They are complicated because they are served as a big round pizza and you pay per slice. But they really not very pizza like. The base is wheat and gluten free and served raw. They also don’t you cheese- but something called macadamia but cheeze (yes- ‘z’ on purpose). I’m all for healthy… but I LOVE pizza. I love wheat, I love cheese and I love it piping hot! So maybe this pizza is not for me. But it could be a very cool find for those who can’t eat dairy or wheat.The pizza had a pesto and fresh leaf thing going for it- and the white piped stuff in the picture would be the macadamia cheese. Many people are big fans of this pizza. But personally if I’m going to eat pizza I want plenty of cheese on it- and I’ll make up for it with a run the next day.

A Special mention must be given to Saszali Chocolates.
I’m not a big chocolate girl- but these are really amazing! The Berry Rosa pictured on the right is my favourite! I need to stop eating the samples and start buying them- because they are really worth it. This beautiful chocolates will set you back R12 a pop- or R50 for a beautiful box of four. They would make a beautiful gift. The also do an amazing orange chocolate and the Noisette is gorgeous too. My favourite tried the dark chocolate and coffee flavours (more his department) and said they were also great choices. This chocolate is smooth and creamy and the flavours mixed in with the chocolate are dominant making it much better than just another chocolate truffle

Yet another gorgeous aspect of the CBM is the fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers on sale. You’ve got to get there early though because everything flies out fast!!

It’s lovely to see all the local fynbos flowers in all their incredible colours. The best thing about buying fynbos plants such as the proteas (pink flowers bottom right picture) and the orange flowers featured above is that they last forever! And even when they die they look very striking dried. The flower seller told us the orange flowers last up to 3 months- that’s an impressively long time. And for only R15, that’s a great value investment in something beautiful.
This gorgeous falafel is from a stall that as far as I could see- has no name. From what I could see they hang out next to the no name cypress food stall. This wonderful falafel cost me R25- which is probably the cheapest meal at the CBM.

The falafel was served with the traditional falafel balls which were actually circular disks, hummus, tzatziki, tahini, grated cabbage and carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and my favourite interesting addition- roasted aubergine. The roasted aubergine was sweet and worked wonderfully with all the flavours.

The CBM is wonderful. There are always new sellers, new food to try and old friends to bump in to.
The CBM is without a doubt one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning and on my list of happy places. Hopefully next Saturday I can squeeze the CBM into my schedule.
Have a look at their facebook page for more information:

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