1st bday cakeIt is with so much excitement, happiness and disbelief that I get to celebrate this baby blog’s first birthday! I thought I would have given up 364 days ago, but I’m still here! This past year of writing and sharing has been a whirlwind! I have eaten at some incredible restaurants, I’ve been to some fun events and I have drank an awful lot of wine!!

I feel like I know very little but the little I know I thought I’d share with you.


Ten things I have learnt:

1) It is really scary to ask for things.

2) You absolutely HAVE to ask for things. No one is going to offer to give you anything – they just don’t have the time.

3) People are intrinsically nice.

4) Don’t blog if you’re not in the mood to write – your content will suffer.

5) Have business cards made up – it’s really embarrassing scribbling your email on the back of old receipts.

6) Don’t apologise for not writing – just write!

7) Ask others for their opinion, but make sure you’re actually going to listen to what they say.

8) Give restaurants and people second chances. The food and wine industry is seriously tough. Give people a chance to fix the mistakes before you make their jobs harder.

9) Don’t look at the bloody statistics! If one person looked at your blog today then you are winning!

10) Be grateful – it is good for your soul and opens up a world of possibilities.


Thank you to everyone who has ever read a post, clicked a link, retweeted something or made use of a recommendation. You are the sunlight in my little blogging life.
I blog for myself but on my lazy days I blog for you.

All my love and appreciation,


3 thoughts on “Baby Blog Turns One!”

    1. Eek….totally embarrassed!!! I was meant to say “Birthday” not “Giveaway” !!! But happy 1st blog birthday again 🙂 xxx

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