We arrived for dinner at the gorgeous Zapata which was packed with the only empty table being the one I reserved! The restaurant was busy, happy and full of people laughing, knocking back margaritas and tequila shots and eating cheesy Mexican food. Mexican food is one of my favourite food groups just behind sushi and anything else from the South East Asian area. We started our dinner with a liter jug of strawberry margarita- the liter worked out to be 6 glasses. The jug cost R120- so R20 a glass is not bad at all. And the margaritas were really good 🙂 We then worked our way to the traditional margaritas which were lemony and delicious. My favourite is still a combination of the two.


I had heard good things about the food from Zapata and a special mention was given regarding the remembrance platter. The remembrance platter is advertised on the menu for two people at R175. But the waitress recommended that four people share it. Pictured on the left is the amazing Remembrance platter which I shared with three of the boys. And they were right- its enough food for four people to share- with four of each of the options for everyone to try. I love ordering platters because that way you get to try lots of different things and get a feel for the restaurant.

We started by eating the nachos with melted cheese. Zapata is great because the platter comes with four cups of dip options but there is also four more cups with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and tomato puree. The cups of dip on the platter were guacamole, sweet chilli, some kind of cream and chives dip and another dip similar to a thousand islands. So our cheesy nachos were great with lots of dip options- YUM! Next up were the quesadilla which we tried with lots of dip combinations! We then had the Mexican meat balls which were very flavourful but quite spicy. Next was the chicken wing! And oh goodness me- THESE guys were amazing!! I don’t normally like chicken wings- the idea of chewing on chicken bones does not really appeal. BUT theeeese were amazing! The sticky sweet flavour and the tender chicken were just fantastic! I would order a whole plate of these chicken wings next time! The chicken wings were the absolute highlight of the platter for me.

Then we had the Mexican tortilla wrap. The wraps were crispy on the outside and filled with chicken and cheese. The crumbed mushrooms were great- but needed the dip as the flavour was on the boring side. The corn fritters were another favourite for me. The sweet fresh sweetcorn was wonderful and the batter was lovely! The corn fritters worked well with the chives cream dip thing and the sweet chilli. Last up was the chilli poppers. These sadly disappointed me. The batter was not right for me- the batter was simply deep fried bread crumbs. With chilli poppers I prefer a tempura batter kind of thing. The chilli poppers struck me as disappointing and boring- which is sad because the rest of the meal was incredible!! I would definitely order the platter again but I would give the chilli poppers a miss.

Three of the girls shared two plates of nachos. There was plenty of food- and they even had more left over! If our nachos were anything to go by- their nachos must have been great! If I don’t have enough people to share my platter with- I’m definitely going to be going for the nachos!
Zapata was absolutely fantastic! Great vibe, great food and great prices!


From my previous visit I couldn’t resist a side order of these chicken wings. I am not a fan of chicken wings- I generally don’t like chewing on chicken bones- not the most lady-like move. BUT these chicken wings are worth it! The sticky sweet flavour and the tender chicken were just fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And served with fresh salsa and sour cream you just can’t go wrong.We also couldn’t resist the margaritas and had plenty of those too!

We ordered the enchilada with chicken. This was really delicious! And such a huge portion! I ended up eating the other half for lunch the next day! The chicken and rice and all the wonderful flavours work incredibly well. We also opted for the tacos which are the hard tortilla shells with beef fillet. We made an awful lot of mess assembling them- but had to have plenty of fun doing so. Someone ordered a burrito- which they foolishly attempted to eat with their hands. After much protest- they finally submitted to a knife and fork. The burrito was filled meat, veggies, cheese and beans. They were very happy- and manage to eat the whole thing- which is an impressive feat considering the size!!

The fajita arrived as the HUGEST amount of food! Our poor little four seater table was absolutely jam packed with food!! The fajita arrived with little cups filled with ingredient choices with options such as Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole, salsa and grated cheese. I hate four huge flour tortillas. Its lots of fun experimenting with all the flavours and ingredients. The unwrapped fajita pictured left is filled with wonderful Mexican rice, beef fillet, refried beans, guacamole, salsa and a little grated cheese. Then I performed some kind of magic trick and wrapped the whole thing up. Eating this was a-whole-nother feat! I made an absolute mess with my overstuffed fajita dropping filling out left right and centre. But it really was truly delicious! After the first fajita stuffed with just about everything I was already getting full- so opted for more practical fajitas with less rice!
Zapata was great as always. The place is noisy and jam packed- proving to be a success even on a cold week day night. The food was wonderful- fresh flavours and huge portions with a special mention going to my chicken wings! Zapata is definitely a Mexican spot in Cape Town worth trying.
  • Location: 5 Bedford Street, Shop 1 Harfield Village Centre, Harfield Village, Claremont
  • Opening times: Monday to Saturday 5:30pm til  11pm
  • Contact details:021 671 2393


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