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This month you’re going to have to share the limelight with The Flying Boar. I personally think they’ve got you ALL beat for the best burger in town. But luckily for you they’re only here for a month. Unfortunately for us we are going to have to fit as much brioche madness, crispy bacon, truffle aioli, tender medium-rare burger patties and skinny chips into our lives in the space of one month. Thankfully summer is over and we have all sensibly given up on trying to look good in a bikini (thank bloody goodness!).

20140326_195710 20140326_195732 20140326_185224The Flying Boar is a little pop up restaurant at the very bottom of Long Street. It’s popping up in Long Street for only a month – so you need to get your shit together. Chef Wynand Van Rooyen and Chef Kirby Auret are in charge of churning out these fabulous burgers! The flying boar is covered in fairy lights, filled to capacity and brimming with smiles and happy people. The waitresses are friendly and seriously on the ball. And they really know their stuff; have them walk you through the burger menu – It’s fantastic! Service is quick with drinks arriving within minutes of ordering and burgers not that long after. I had a really fantastic Gin & Tonic. I really should order them more often. The giant drinks menu written across the wall is great for drink inspiration.

Now, let’s talk burgers. I know my stuff – I’ve had some of the best and I’m going to seriously rate these as some of the best burgers you will ever have. Let’s start with the bun. We’re talking brioche here, and not oily flat greasy hangover Clarke’s brioche. No, we are talking about light as a cloud, wonderfully fluffy, slightly sweet buttery brioche bun. Yes! This is EXACTLY what a brioche bun needs to be! Thank you burger bread gods!

20140326_191806Now this guy pictured above and right is their signature burger – The Flying Boar for R90. This burger is packed with a 200g grass fed beef patty, bacon, Gorgonzola, cider-glazed onions, avocado and rocket. All burgers also come with lettuce, tomato and homemade pickles. These pickles are the business! Of the two we tried this one was the winner. It was a marginal winner but it did win. They kindly substituted the Gorgonzola for brie as I’m not a blue cheese person. The combination was outstanding! The slightly melted rich brie with the creamy avos and crsipy crispy bacon. This was a burger done right! The patties are served medium / medium to rare, which is perfect! The patties are tender and juicy and the perfect hand-made consistency.

We also tried The Forager for R85. The Forager is again a 200g grass fed beef patty with wild mushroom marmalade, mushrooms and mature cheddar. This was delicious – again gorgeous brioche bun and perfect patty. This burger was stuffed with those gorgeous skinny wild mushrooms! The mature cheddar and the rich silky mushrooms were a brilliant combination. These are both great burger choices and you can’t go wrong with either. Thankfully, these burgers arrived with a knife and folk because eating them with you hands is really not an option. You’re welcome to try but your filling is going to fall everywhere!

20140326_191533Now, let’s talk sides. These guys come with the most incredible potato chips and a side salad. The side salad is a little oversold considering it is butter lettuce with a asian style dressing. It’s delicious, but lettuce does not a salad make! They should follow HQ’s lead and add some toasted pine nuts! The skinny chips they serve are incredible! I’m going to do it again… probably the best chips I’ve had ever. The chips appear to be a thick potato peels deep friend until super crispy and covered in salt! Crunchy chips with a soft potato center! Chip perfection!! Now these onion rings are an extra side order for R12. You get 5 of these giant onions rings covered in crispy batter. When they arrived I thought they were a little undercooked. They’re not – they’re brilliant. The batter is so crunchy and so delicious with the sweetest onions. Pay the extra R20, you won’t regret it.

20140326_193706The last discussion point of the burgers is the aioli. Every burger comes with a side of aioli (fancy garlic mayo kinda thing) either a truffle or curry aioli. Go for the truffle. Just trust me. The truffle aioli is absolutely sinful and I wanted to cover my entire burger and chips with it. There are no words to explain, just order it and thank me later. The curry aioli is good and might work very well with their chicken or vegetarian burger but if you’re going with beef you’re going to want the truffle aioli.

And now dessert! They have one dessert on the menu and it is the most charming of desserts! It would be the dessert of choice at the teddy bear’s picnic without a doubt. Dessert is a giant warm homemade choc chip cookie with vanilla milk. This is perfect for sharing after the giant burgers, and ours even arrived with two straws. And now for the final touch of a perfect evening: the bill arrives with salted caramel popcorn instead of mints! Just brilliant! Every step of the process I was impressed, and I went in with high expectations.

So there you have it – the entire burger story! You have three weeks Cape Town. If you miss these guys you will forever be that uncool kid at the dinner table who never got to try a Flying Boar burger whilst they still had the chance.

Booking is recommended especially for larger tables.

Currently closed until they pop up again 🙁 Hurry back favourite burger!!


  • Location: 33 Long Street, Cape Town
  • Opening times: Wednesday til Sunday 12pm til late.
  • Contact details: 0795267839

3 thoughts on “The Flying Boar”

  1. Sounds amazing. How long is The Flying Boar open? What’s our last day to sample these gourmet burgers? Thank you!

    1. They have closed! ….But then they are opening again for another two weeks. From the 23 April til 3 May. Hope you get to catch them before they disappear again!

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