When visiting The Creamery I realised one very important thing. Everyone loves ice cream.  From my thirty minutes sitting on a bar stool I saw school girl in uniforms instagram’ing away, I saw little children with ice cream all over their faces and moms with napkins in hand, I saw university students with bags full of notes covered in course codes and trendy women who ate ice cream without spilling a drop. The Creamery is simply a place full of really happy people who served ice cream and goodness to ease the smiles even wider.

And its just so damn easy to like ice cream when The Creamery makes it!

I have a coconut obsession so was delighted to find toasted coconut as one of their flavours of the day. The Creamery is doing ice cream right by only making flavours that are seasonal and are sourced locally – what that means is you can’t have granadilla ice cream in winter but it’s going to be damn mind blowing and sustainable to boot once summer comes back around. They do however try to always have stock of their Big Five: 65% chocolate, peanut butter, sea salt caramel, Rosetta Roastery coffee and farm cream ice creams. Sea salt caramel is phenomenal so I will never leave The Creamery disappointed :).

The dessert menu up on the wall is impossible to reduce to a top three let alone a final choice. The ice cream scoopers understand the pain of having to chose and are brilliant at allowing tastes of the ice cream on offer and suggesting good pairings. The S’mores with toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce, graham crackers and a scoop of toasted coconut for R40 was delicious! The banana split with brulee’d bananas, caramel sauce, pecan nuts and toasted coconut ice cream for R40 was another serious winner. Can you believe they turn your bananas into a healthy twist on the traditional creme brulee – these ice cream people are geniuses!

My favourite dessert of the ice cream feast was the waffles. Oh goodness me, they are some serious waffles! They were giant you-can-skip-lunch waffles- fluffly and golden and freshly made. Mine came with a giant ball of toasted coconut ice cream and a giant shot glass of salted caramel. This gooey messy dessert evolution featured below was what happened as soon as my plate landed on the table. The crispy waffle with the sweet salty caramel and the creamy toasted coconut- well I was in ice cream heaven. Our chocolate ice cream eater was very happy with her choice of 65% chocolate scoop too.

The Creamery is gorgeous! I’m without a doubt going to be returning again and again to try new and interesting scoops of ice cream. Now with summer on its way I’m going to have to fight for seat at the bar- I wish you luck Cape Town I’m very well motivated when it comes to ice cream!

20140306_122200And then I went back to visit again, and again and again. I think I’m averaging a weekly visit to The Creamery! A special shout out to some of my new favourite summer flavours:

– The pistachio which is truly magical. From the first lick it transports you to the streets of Florence. This pistachio is just as delicious as the pistachio gelato I use to devour daily in Italy. Absolutely brilliant with none of that terrible marzipan chemical flavour.

-The blackberry – absolutely delicious! Sweet and creamy and slightly tart deep purple ice cream.

-Apricot – Creamy smooth packed with little bits of apricot for extra flavour burst. The flavour perfectly mimics the first juicy bite of a warm summer apricot.

And now for my new discovery! The Chocolate brownies dessert with a scoop of your choice! Wow but this is decadent – I went for a scoop of granadilla choc chip sprinkled with brownie chunks and pecan nuts and chocolate sauce ready for pouring on the side! On my word but this is pure deliciousness! The brownies are squishy dense blocks of chocolate more like fudge than brownies – and even little block is incredibly rich! The tartness and fruitiness of the granadilla helped cut some of the richness. Big wow! Your next must order at The Creamery has got to be one of these guys!


Option One

  • Location: Shop 4, Newlands Quarter, Dean Street, Newlands
  • Opening times: Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am-7pm, & Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am-11pm
  • Contact details: 021 686 3975

Option Two

  • Location: PALS Building, 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River
  • Opening times: Mon-Thurs 12.00-18.00, Fri 12:00-23:00 and Sat 10.00-23.00
  • Contact details: 021 447 7690

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